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  • Entertainment industry mogul David Geffen made his own separate, informal, all-cash offer to buy the LA Times.
  • Universal Music Group (UMG) and US broadcaster MTV have announced a deal for the mobile platform.
  • The Firm parted ways with 30 Second to Mars.
  • Victory Record Head Tony Brummel recently filed a countersuit against Hawthorne Heights. Tony Brummel calls the band’s claims “false and wildly scurrilousâ€? and alleges they are planning a “carefully orchestrated smear campaign”.
  • Lawyer Dan Friedman acts Scenes from a Movie signed to Pure Volumes label and Blinded Black signed to Sidecho.
  • Remember platinum post grunge act from the 90’s Sponge? The two biggest singles from the album Rotting Piñata were “Plowed” and “Molly (Sixteen Candles).” The band is back and is looking for a potential partner. Sponge never had a problem in the song writing department.  The music industry typically shuns bands that had success in a particular era. Buckcherry who is selling 15k shattered that perception.  The music biz is more judgemental than the public. Let the people decide.  For more information email Dan Friedman. Check out the tracks Fame and Glory and No DOA on Sunday.
  • Ronnie Day signed to Epic and is releasing the first record on Militia Group. It was a big deal with alot of hype. 
  • A&R chatter around the band Civilian who refuses to launch a myspace page. Music is here.  Management is Russ Rieger, Legal is Chris Castle
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Universal CEO Doug Morris recently called YouTube and Myspace copyright infringers. Warner Music on the other hand wasted no time striking a deal with the media giant YouTube.  

YouTube, which hosts more than 100 million videos viewed every day, and Warner Music, said  that the deal would help Warner distribute music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, artist interviews and original programming.
WMG will have the opportunity to authorize the use of its content by the YouTube community. YouTube and WMG will share revenue from advertising on both WMG music videos and user uploaded videos that incorporate audio and audiovisual works from WMG’s catalog.

Partnering with Warner Music Group is one of the most significant milestones for our company and our community, and shifts the paradigm in this new media movement,” said Chad Hurley, CEO and Co-Founder of YouTube. “By providing a new distribution opportunity, we are paving the way for media companies to harness the vast financial potential of user-generated content on YouTube.  We are thrilled that WMG had the vision to be the first music company, in partnership with its artists, to support the use of their content within user videos and to allow our community to interact with WMG music in new creative ways.”

Edgar Bronfman, Jr., Chairman and CEO of Warner Music Group, said, “Technology is changing entertainment, and Warner Music is embracing that innovation.  Consumer-empowering destinations like YouTube have created a two-way dialogue that will transform entertainment and media forever.  As user-generated content becomes more prevalent, this kind of partnership will allow music fans to celebrate the music of their favorite artists, enable artists to reach consumers in new ways, and ensure that copyright holders and artists are fairly compensated.”


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Justin Timberlake (SBMG)          650-700K
John Mayer (SBMG)                   225-240K
Mars Volta                                 64K
Hinder                                       57,700 (up 8%)
Blue October                             21,900 (down 2%)
Rapture                                    7K


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CBS Corp is interested in spotting the next big phenomenon in user-generated programming over the Internet, not buying market leader YouTube, Chief Executive Leslie Moonves said on Thursday.

“It is obviously phenomenally successful,” Moonves said of YouTube. “I doubt we would buy it at this point. Maybe we would look for the next YouTube, the next great idea that’s not spread across the world.”

“I do not rule out our ability to buy one,” he added. “But when you see the price YouTube is now demanding it is pretty phenomenal.”

Moonves was spotted chatting with YouTube founder Chad Hurley earlier this year, fuelling speculation about a possible deal.

He said one of the things they discussed was the possibility of CBS supplying a daily package of news and sports clips for distribution on YouTube.


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Universal Music Group Doug Morris has stepped up his ‘rant’ against YouTube and MySpace, accusing them of infringing the copyrights of its artists’ music videos.

Universal CEO Doug Morris described YouTube and MySpace as “copyright infringers” during a Merrill Lynch investors’ conference speech on Tuesday that was closed to the press.

Morris said YouTube and other sites “owe us tens of millions of dollars. How we deal with these companies will be revealed shortly.”

“The poster child for (user-generated media) sites are MySpace and YouTube,” said Morris, according to a transcript obtained by Reuters. “We believe these new businesses are copyright infringers and owe us tens of millions of dollars.”
He added, “How we deal with these companies will be revealed shortly.”

A Call of legal action?

“His remarks strongly suggested the company was planning to take legal action in the near-term to either prevent the illegal use of their content on these Web sites or to ensure the company is compensated for the use of its content,” Jessica Reif Cohen, analyst at Merrill Lynch, wrote in a note on Wednesday. “This could be the first salvo from a content player against business models based on user-generated content, much of which relies on copyrighted material.”

Can’t build a successful business model giving away free products.

Record companies are keen to avoid repeating the mistake they believe they made when Viacom Inc.’s MTV was set up 25 years ago — allowing their artists’ music to be aired for free.

MTV built a billion dollar business airing artist videos and it won’t happen again.

Morris in his remarks to investors on Tuesday said MTV “built a multibillion-dollar company on our (music) … for virtually nothing. We learned a hard lesson.”

What about the American soldiers who are filming amateur videos in Iraq and posting on YouTube? This creates more competition for CNN and Fox.

I watched Tornadoes rip through farm houses on the Weather Channel and Discovery. Now I type in the search box “Tornado” and receive pages of tornado clips on YouTube. This creates more competition for major networks.

I can understand the label perspective of “copyright infringement”, but it’s not realistic especially in the internet age. Legal action is not a cure to the pain as much as building a brick wall won’t stop a 10 mile wide Tsunami. The YouTube idea was genius. Build a site that is ‘user friendly” with a simple search button and call it “Youtube”. No signups, no pop-up advertisements, and a simple search for your favorite video. Every business starts with an idea. One would have thought that labels would have come up with ideas and platforms to expose ‘artists’. The problem is that they are not and everyone else is. That is the reality.

(Yahoo News)

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