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-Check out a new track called Here from KOAR favorite Mighty Six Ninety. Full length will be released in Japan and the UK.

-Several labels including Virgin, IDJ, Columbia, Epic and Universal attended the Powerspace performance in Chicago, IL. For more information contact
Dan Friedman. Check out the track Right On Right Now.

-Lawer Chris Castle is a repping a new artist called Civilian. Check out the tracks here.

My Favorite Highway just finished recording new tracks. Check out the track Your Making it Come Alive

      MORE Indie Invaders

Universal Music, Sony BMG, EMI Group Plc, and Warner Music Group Corp. has sued LimeWire. The lawsuit has been filed in a Manhattan federal court. LimeWire has promoted digital piracy by letting users share digital content without permission from the owners. The RIAA said in a statement that they had tried numerous times to engage LimeWire but the site owners have “shown insufficient interest in developing a legal business model�.
The labels are demanding $150,000 in damages for every song digitally pirated on their service.


      MORE Indie Invaders

Tower Records who just launched its own digital download store is in serious trouble.
Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group Corp. and EMI Group confirmed each had stopped sending albums to Tower Records, and record executives said the the cutoff is due to unpaid bills, the Los Angeles Times reported Friday. If the music companies shut off Tower Records for long, the company might have to shut down its 89 locations, including their famed location on Los Angeles’s Sunset Strip, the Times said. The writing is on the wall, the sale of physical CD’s is at its tipping point.

(Los Angeles Times)

      MORE Indie Invaders

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Don't You Fake It (Virgin Records)If I could only use one word to describe The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ major label debut it would be “relevant.” Not many albums come out these days that can cross demographic borders without some level of selling out, however ‘Don’t You Fake It’ does so with a professionalism beyond the young band’s years. Strongly rooted in power pop, but certainly not oblivious to other genres, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus have created an impressive album of hook-laden rock, leaving even the most jaded critics hard-pressed to find error. The band jumps from arena anthem to mainstream radio hit to power ballad to a nearly 8-minute prog-core epic without missing a beat or breaking a sweat. This album hits on all cylinders, musically, vocally and lyrically with David Bendeth’s production pulling out the absolute best in front man, Ronnie Winter’s composition. The public and critical response since the release of ‘Don’t You Fake It’ has been overwhelmingly positive, promising a very bright future for this KOAR alumn. (4.7/5)

      MORE Indie Invaders

Virgin Millionaires who has huge research across the board including Hot AC, Pop, and Alternative. 700+ spins on WZPL. Looks like a deal will be wrapped up sooner than later. Also recently placed on the new soundtrack for the upcoming Mandy Moore film.

Another artist from Scottsdale, Arizona
Drew Alexander has been meeting with label execs.  Plays piano/keyboads, writes and sings all songs.  Just finished up tracks with producer Tommy Henriksen.  Management is BARC Productions. 
Contact is Chad Bowen at or 602-369-1628. Check out the track Shake.


**send your demos and new music to KOAR. We want to hear your new music. If your an artist and believe you are the “real deal” send an email to and provide us a link to your music.

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