Unsigned Los Angeles based Buckfast released their full length “Turn” which was produced by Dave Schiffman (Audioslave, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Mars Volta, System Of a Down). They band who began in San Fran then later moved to Los Angeles is influenced by Stone Roses, U2, Muse, etc. Check out the track Optimist.  For more information contact Mitzye RamosÂ

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 29th – Molly Malone’s, Los Angeles, CA
Nov 17th – Vine Street Lounge, Hollywood, CA
Dec 16th -Â The Viper Room, Hollywood, CA

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  • SideCho Records has signed three new acts including Ghosts & Liars, The Only Children, and Peachcake
  • Alkaline Trio signs to V2 Records.
  • David Geffen, a co-founder of DreamWorks Animation SKG, sold two paintings for a combined $143.5 million to two hedge fund billionaires. (New York Times)Â
  • Check out this commentary on the closing of Tower Records.
    The death of any major music chain is bad for music. Bad for artistsBad for you.


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Open The Door

TW 447,342
**Amy Lee is the “real deal”, even though the sophomore effort is good; it isn’t as strong as the first release. True Evanescence fans will stick with the band.

Sam’s Town

TW 314,700
**The Killers are getting a beat down from the critics. The once beloved critic band seems to be the most hated. Never count on press. The Killers took a chance by re-inventing themselves and the press doesn’t seem to embrace change. If you don’t evolve you will not have a career. I commend the Killers for re-inventing themselves even though the record is weak. Great first single but the record is filled with mediocrity.

How do you become a career band? Put out great records.

Extreme Behavior

TW 77,240
Total 896,056
**Take a deep breath and soak this in. Hinder is clocking ’80k’ records a week. Cha Ching!
No more evidence is needed that the average consumer is a sucker for 80’s metal power ballads. Firehouse “Love of a Lifetime”, Poison “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn”, Skid Row “I Remember You”, Motley Crue “Home Sweet Home”, Warrant “Heaven”, White Snake “Is this Love”, Hinder “Lips of Angel”. These are 2x platinum artists. Why? People can relate to passionate power ballads.

Eyes Open
Snow Patrol

TW 31,586
Total 413,062


TW 13,809
Total 49,545

Paramour Sessions
Papa Roach

TW 9,258
Total 72,191

Public Affair
Jessica Simpson

TW 7,531
Total 219,095
**Not all celebrities and publicity gimmicks sell records.

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According To Reuters YouTube the about to be billionaries may inherit a whole new class of complainers lining up for a check. Google stands to inherit court challenges from independent film makers, garage bands, television studios and others who claim their copyright infringers.Â

Legal experts and industry veterans said these artists and companies could look to YouTube’s new deep-pocket backer for payment, either in business deals or courtroom battles.

“The next lawsuits will come from the independent labels or any label who’s not licensing to YouTube, which is everyone but the four majors,” said
Christian Castle, a music industry attorney. “Lawsuits can come from anywhere in the world.” Los Angeles-based Castle said YouTube’s lax policy that helped it win viewers will have long-term repercussions.

“The young entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley tonight are trying to figure out how to build a better YouTube and they are not thinking about getting the licenses for content owners,” Castle said. “That’s the real damage that Google has done by rewarding these people.”

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Amity Lane, the new project featuring founding Trust Company guitarist/vocalist Kevin Palmer and bassist Josh Moates, have signed a deal with Corporate Punishment Records. The band’s debut album will be released on October 31st through Corporate Punishment in conjunction with its newly formed sister label Then Music. Trust Company released their debut Geffen LP, “The Lonely Position of Neutral”, in 2002, marking the start of a whirlwind year for the Alabama quintet, as the Don Gilmore-produced (Linkin Park, Pearl Jam) LP debuted at #11 on the Billboard charts, selling over 78,000 copies in its first week (it was eventually certified gold) and spawned the hit singles “Downfall” and “Running from Me”. Amity Lane is the name of the street Kevin grew up on and the band decided a new identity was needed. Check out the tracks Million Miles Away and Drown You Out.

For more information contact Thom Hazaert c/o Corporate Punishment.

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