Little Bird releases the rocking track “SP ACE,” reminiscent of ’90s rock with its gritty vocals and grungy guitar riff. Acts that incorporated electronics come to mind, such as Garbage and Stabbing Westward. The song could find a home on Spotify’s “Rock This,” “Rock Anthems,” or “Alternative Rock Essentials” playlists.

East Coast based Little Bird released their first song in 2023 called “Out! in the Sun!” which led to their new album “Sweet Happy Life” being continuously released.

They began making music together as a group in 2017 and started building their unique sound with the 2018 album “Familiar,” which was produced by Shane Woods and Jeff Lucci of Mo Lowda.

From 2020 through the next two years, they released a three-part EP series called ‘Alpha,’ ‘Beta,’ and ‘Gamma,’ known as PROXIMA. These records reflect their experiences in life’s ups and downs.

PROXIMA was completed after two years of working on song ideas, voice recordings, Zoom clips, samples, and demos. The band wrote, recorded, and produced the music in a four-bedroom townhouse in Charleston, South Carolina. The lyrics and music were created by pianist Noah Jones and guitarist/vocalist Jay Hurtt.

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Watch out for Hana Lili and the new song Small Talk. It’s bedroom pop at its best. Fans of bedroom pop, indie pop, lo-fi pop,or chill pop will enjoy and the song could easily find a home on Spotify’s “Indie Pop Chillout,” “Your Favorite Coffeehouse,” or “Chill Vibes”.

Hana explains, “I wrote ‘Small Talk’ because I realized it was something I find difficult sometimes. It’s a song about hiding behind small talk in conversation to avoid being vulnerable. The lyric ‘you’ll find me hiding in the small talk until I’ve bored everybody in the whole room’ represents the feeling of using meaningless conversation with friends and strangers to avoid addressing your feelings and prolonging the inevitable.”

Hana Lili, a Welsh singer-songwriter, draws inspiration from ’90s indie and grunge. Her initial success with her first two EPs, ‘Flowers Die In The Summer’ and ‘Existential’, led to support from Radio 1, performances at two Coldplay stadium shows, and another appearance alongside Tom Grennan. She has garnered support from various Radio 1 DJs, including Sian Eleri, Huw Stephens, Jack Saunders, Mollie King, Maia Beth, and Phil Taggart. Her music has also received airplay on 6 Music, BBC Radio Wales, and Radio Cymru.

‘Small Talk’ was co-written by Hana Lili, Jez Ashurst, and Mark Vallance, and produced by Jez Ashurst, known for his work with artists like Maisie Peters and Tom Walker. Hana first introduced the song during her performances with Coldplay.

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Los Angeles-based Victor Fuertes released the 12-track album titled “The Bearer of Bad News” during the pandemic, which is set to be released on October 27th. The Dominican Republic native wrote, recorded, and produced the album himself in his bedroom. It’s a melancholic, folky, coffee shop, dreamy album. This album is a perfect fit for playlists such as “Acoustic Chill,” “Indie Folk & Chill,” “Café Indie,” and “Dreamy Acoustics.”

He started “The Bearer of Bad News” project during the COVID-19 pandemic when he couldn’t play music with friends or perform live due to the pandemic. After moving to New York to find work and ease the financial burden on his struggling parents, he spent a lot of time indoors, thinking about his life not going as planned, and realizing that his twenties were a bit strange.

Around October, he turned to songwriting for comfort, even though he had limited experience with singing, bass, and production. As he started writing, the idea of turning these songs into an album began to take shape. He moved to California halfway through 2020, thinking it would provide the space he needed for the project.

It took three years to complete the album, and during that time, he saved up to purchase necessary equipment like a MacBook, Logic Pro, a Focusrite Scarlett, mics, and more. He also learned the ins and outs of recording and the challenges of mixing and mastering. The project was a personal journey where he honed his musical skills and paid tribute to the genres that inspired him. The album embodies the idea that life often doesn’t go as planned, a theme that emerged as he navigated through the ups and downs of his experiences.
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Zach Hood releases the infectious pop ballad ‘not them‘.

Hood states, ‘not them’ is about the thoughts you have after a breakup and what you wish you could have done differently. You know where you could have improved to maybe make the relationship work, but the damage is already done and you know it will never be the same. No matter what you say or what you do, you will never get back to what it felt like at the beginning.”

Zach Hood, originally from Daphne, Alabama, now resides in Los Angeles who sings, writes songs, and plays multiple instruments. He began his music journey using social media, where he sang covers on Instagram and gained a following on TikTok. In 2021, Hood made his first appearance with the song “Flashbacks,” which garnered 4.8 million streams on Spotify. Shortly after, he released “Isabelle,” which clocked 12.2 million streams and earned praise from OnesToWatch. Hood eventually caught the attention with Arista Records and signed a deal. He blends punk and pop influences, drawing comparisons to artists like Thomas Day, Shawn Mendes, and Jonah Kagen.

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Ashley Elle has released the mid-tempo pop track “Death of Me,” which combines pop with a hint of country. Fans of Taylor Swift and Kacey Musgraves will enjoy it.

Ashley says about the song, “I moved to LA four years ago to attend college and pursue music. While I love it out here there are many moments where I wish I could run home to my small town in Wisconsin. “Death of Me” is a song to LA- a place full of dreams and possibilities wrapped in competition and insecurities.”

From a young age, Ashley Elle’s love for music was clear. She spent hours singing and playing various instruments. Despite her talent, she was modest. Her passion grew when her dad urged her to record her voice in a studio. She delved into songwriting, aiming for authenticity. Industry insiders noticed her early recordings, leading to collaborations with producers to refine her indie-pop sound. Ashley’s music centers on themes like love, heartbreak, growth, and mental health, drawn from her personal experiences. Music is her way of expressing herself and connecting with others. Signed by Given Entertainment in 2019, she continues to create heartfelt songs and collaborate with talents while staying true to her authentic self.

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