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Listen to Pearl Jam’s new single Fixer. This is the first single from Pearl Jam’s new album Backspacer in stores September 20.
The song has the 1992 Singles Soundtrack feel reminiscent of State of Love and Trust. This is one of their better songs….

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Sacramento indie pop act K Sera are carving out a name for themselves on the west coast. They will be performing a string of shows at Hot Topic as well as a Warped Tour date on August 21st. The new EP will be produced by Thomas Dutton of Forgive Durden (Fueled By Ramen).
Our favorite track is Forget The One. Contact:

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Coldplay broke the digital album sales record by becoming the first artist to sell more than 1 million full digital albums in the U.S.

      MORE Indie Invaders


Cruel Black Dove, a Brooklyn based Indie electro act will be performing at the Mercury Lounge in NYC on July 16th attracting major and indie labels alike. Digital Heroine describes the sound of this 4 piece act as if PJ Harvey, Kevin Shields and Massive Attack were the backing band, having consulted Trent Reznor on the backbeat. Check out the video for Love Song which already garnered 500,000 views. Contact:

      MORE Indie Invaders

Top Current Albums

All Time Low ‘Nothing Personal’ (62,912)
Black Eyed Peas ‘E.N.D’ (62,556)
Rob Thomas ‘Cradlesong’ (41,006)
Lady Gaga ‘Fame’ (33,086)
Kings Of Leon ‘Only By The Night’ (29,985)
Jeremih (28,515)
Green Day ’21st Century Breakdown’ (22,638)

Comprehensive Albums

Michael Jackson tops the Comprehensive Album Chart once again. Besides Maxwell, Michael Jackson “Number Ones’ sold more copies than the current top 5 artists on the Billboard Chart.

Number Ones (348,507)
Thriller (263,803)
Essential Michael Jackson (147,808)
Off The Wall (106,513)
Bad (97,201)
Dangerous (67,394)

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