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Producer and American Recordings chief Rick Rubin is weighing an offer to become co-chairman of Columbia Records, according to the New York Times.

Rubin who never held an executive position founded Def Jam in the 1980s.

He produced two major hit albums, the Dixie Chicks’ “Taking the Long Way” and Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Stadium Arcadium,” while his label had only moderate sales success with albums from Tom Petty and the Vacation. He revived the career of Johnny Cash, but struggled with Neil Diamond and Donovan.

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NEW YORK (Reuters) – Viacom Inc. has demanded that Google Inc.’s online video service YouTube pull down all of its video clips after they failed to reach an agreement, the company said.

About 100,000 video clips from Viacom-owned properties including MTV Networks and BET has been asked to be removed.

Viacom said its pirated programs on YouTube generate about 1.2 billion video streams, based on a study from an outside consultant. –Drudge Report

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  • After strong scrutiny and a threat of legal action, Hits Daily Double retracted the Hawthorne Heights post.
  • The White Stripes are reportedly asking interested record labels to hand over a couple of million dollars for just one album. Interscope and Warner Bros. are said to be the frontrunners while other companies are supposedly backing away. Is anyone still paying attention to the White Stripes? Did they really write compelling music that will trascend through  time? That is the million dollar question.
  • Independent music labels in the United States and Britain are upset with YouTube over how content is used on the site, are threatening legal action. The labels are upset with terms the social networking service proposed for the use of copyright-protected work, Billboard said Tuesday. They said the terms offered them weren’t the same as offered to major labels.
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While in the midst of touring along the East Coast, Hotspur has licensed most of their album Beta to MTV to be used in the series ‘Next’. At least 5 of the tracks can be heard on the program, including Young and Reckless and Have You Seen This Girl.

My Favorite Highway will be performing at Jammin Java February 23rd (Virginia), 2 majors are expected to attend. For more information contact Dan Friedman.

Louisville based alternative act the October have a list of show dates coming up. They had close to sold out performances and just finished recording 3 new tracks. Indie labels have been hovering over the band but these new tracks may propel them into the world of majors. If you haven’t seen the band performance in gravity yet, then get with the program.

One Less Reason continues to be a myspace favorite and a solid a club draw with their hook laden tracks. Go to their myspace for upcoming dates. Recently packed in 532 at their memphis gig.

We welcome new artist the Ohio Sky to the scene. They just finished two songs with producers Logan Mader(Machine Head/Soulfly) and Lucas Banker(Junkie XL). They are off to a great start, sounds like old school Foo Fighters. Check out the track Vanish.  For more info email Robert Montague

Copper has a showcase scheduled at Blue Cats in Knoxville TN on Friday March 2nd.

Lawyer Ben Mclane is working with a multi-platinum selling act from New Zealand called Elemeno P. Lead vocalist Dave Gibson is a famous actor/TV personality in his region. Elemeno P. is signed to Universal (New Zealand), Elemeno P’s sophomore album “Trouble In Paradise” released in late 2006 has already gone platinum in their territory while their 2005 debut album “Always And Never” sold triple platinum. Trouble In Paradise” is a finished record that is available for long term exclusive licensing worldwide (except for New Zealand and Australia.

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Andy Slater who stepped down from his post as CEO of Capitol Records could receive a payout that could exceed $15 million.

Under Serious Fire……………………
Andy Slater the former CEO of Capitol recieved negative press about the ability to steer the ship but the NY Post states other concerns regarding CEO of EMI Nicoli and new Capitol/Virgin CEO Jason Flom.

Several music industry executives said Nicoli the biscuit king-cum music neophyte could find himself in the same unemployment line if he doesn’t reverse EMI’s financial fortune by June.

“He’s now operating a major music company and has no experience operating one,” said one music industry executive.

Other sources find it odd that Virgin CEO Jason Flom survived the merger while Capitol CEO Andy Slater was forced to step down.

Sources pointed out that Slater had grown Capitol’s market share to 4% at the end of 2006 where Virgin’s market share slipped to 1.75% from 2%. According to Nielson Soundscan, Capitol currently has a 4.6 market share while Virgin holds 1.5% of the market.

Sources say many Flom’s new act have had less than inspiring sales.

“Did you notice that Nicoli didn’t make any mention of Jason Flom’s accomplishment since joining EMI in the internal memo announcing his promotion,’ asked one source rhetorically. In the memo, Nicoli noted that Flom worked with acts that sold 150 million albums worldwide before coming to EMI but said nothing about his performance since joining.

One manager said, there’s no way you are bringing your artist to EMI until this thing clears up.

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