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“The six-unit Virgin Megastore chain will close two more stores, the Union Square location in New York City at the end of May and the Market St. store in San Francisco at the end of April, sources say.” The Times Square location will close in April

“In August 2007, the Virgin Entertainment Group North America was acquired by two real estate companies – the Related Cos. and Vornado. Since then, the chain has been reduced from 11 units – with the industry awaiting word of the fate of the three remaining stores in Denver, Los Angeles, and Orlando, Fla. ” (Billboard)

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Who is Otto Sharp? She is a singer songwriter who rebelliously picked up the guitar and a synthesizer. And by the young age of fourteen, she began writing music of her own. Over the next four years, she wrote notebooks full of ideas and melodies, and during her first year of college she would find herself teaming up with Producer/Songwriter Dustin Burnett and the results are fantastic. The track Creature of Habit is a must listen. For more information email

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The Radiohead marketing stunt has been debated and scrutinized for almost 2 years now and there is no end in sight.

Just recently, The Cure’s frontman Robert Smith said this:

“You can’t allow other people to put a price on what you do, otherwise you don’t consider what you do to have any value at all and that’s nonsense”

“If I put a value on my music and no one’s prepared to pay that, then more fool me, but the idea that the value is created by the consumer is an idiot plan, it can’t work.” (Music Radar)

Regardless, Radiohead’s ‘In Rainbows’ achieved significant success despite the controversial marketing plan.

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Green River Ordinance released their new album “Out of My Hands” today via Capitol/ Virgin Records. The record was produced by Mark Endert (Natasha Bedingfield, Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw). The major label debut followed the independent debut “The Beauty of Letting Go”, a record that sold well online (reaching #2 at retailer and firmly put the band on the map and helping them land a deal. For fans of the Fray and Matchbox Twenty. Check out the track Out Of My Hands.

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If you haven’t already scoped out Chicago act American Taxi – this is time. In fact, music labels have finally taken notice. There next show will be March 27th in Illinois at Otto’s with Company of Thieves the recent Wind-Up singing and the Insecurities (formerly Shockstars). Our favorite track is The Mistake. For more information email legal.

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