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Organizers of the global music concert – punctuated by swearing from presenters and performers – had predicted massive viewing figures.

BBC’s live afternoon television coverage attracted an average British audience of just 900,000. When coverage switched from BBC2 to BBC1, the figure rose to just 2.7million.

Live 8 peak audience…..
This year peak audience: 4.5 million
Two years ago: 9.6 million
Live Aid in 1985: 10 million

BBC blamed the poor figures on Saturday’s good weather, while critics claim the public snubbed the event because they thought it was hypocritical.

Musicians Bob Geldof, Roger Daltrey and the Pet Shop Boys pointed out that a concert highlighting climate change had itself generated huge carbon emissions. The BBC’s coverage, also sparked dozens of complaints about bad language.


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Between natural disasters, terminal illness, political agendas and social awareness, there seems to be more money raising than ever. But how effective are benefit concerts, really? With a new cause every other week, are they losing their meaning? Wealthy celebrities begging for money and the most frivolous artists appearing on CRIBS one day and lecturing the public about their irresponsible lifestyles the next?

Now, I’m all for social activism. I think it’s important as human beings to help our fellow man, even when the cameras are off. But how many people are really helped by Madonna flying her 100+ person circus on gas guzzling private jets to play a benefit show intended to raise awareness about environmental responsibility? People don’t tune into massive line ups of the biggest stars in music because they care about Africa or AIDS or global warming, and I don’t believe all of these artists show up because they care either. There are few benefits Paul McCartney and Bono aren’t a part of, and artists like Fergie will show up to the opening of an envelope. These shows are supposed to be about a cause, not the artists trying to appear human why they peddle their products. In the end, people won’t even remember what the causes were. They’re only watching to be entertained. So, what’s the point?

Benefit shows have turned into what? Organizers say things like “if we can change the thinking and habits of just one person, then we’ve succeeded.” REALLY?! That seems like a lot of effort to make ONE person start recycling. I don’t doubt that some of these people have their hearts in the right place, and I applaud the true efforts people make to better the world. However, I’d rather see these celebrities write gigantic checks to these causes than ask me to write one, or  at the very least, practice what they’re preaching.

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Coolfer: Billboard (the print version only) offered details of Korn’s two-album, revenue-sharing deal with EMI (the article is republished at Korn Underground, via from Blabbermouth). EMI purchased a 30% stake in Korn’s revenues (touring, merch, recorded music, etc) for $25 million. The deal goes through 2010.

“To date, Billboard projects it has generated around $15 million on the sales of ‘See You on the Other Side’ (based on worldwide sales of about 2 million units and estimating a net of about $7.75 per album after manufacturing and distribution costs, based on an $11.45 wholesale price).The band has also pulled an estimated $4 million after fees from additional sales of digital downloads, ringtones and the ‘Unplugged’ album. On top of that it has netted a projected $7 million-plus after expenses in touring-related revenue from the 2006 Family Values Tour and a 20-date U.S. theatre tour and selected European dates that grossed more than $11 million in box-office receipts.

Tour sponsorships and merch pulled in another estimated $2.2 million. That leaves the band still needing to earn another $20 million-$30 million in profits by 2010.”

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Hannah Montana debuted with 323k units this week on Billboard


Kelly ClarksonMy December’ closely followed with 300k. Both artists had solid opening weeks. Good music and great entertainers can still captivate the public.

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After months of controversy Russian download store has been shut down. Since the closure of another identical site has already emerged. The site looks virtually identical and claims to offer thousands of albums by popular artists for around 15 US cents per song. (TimesOnline)

Which album will peak #1 on Billboard this week? Controversial Kelly Clarkson or Disney teen queen Hannah Montana. Its a close race.

The name Clive Davis is no where to be found in the liner notes on Kelly Clarkson’s My December. Regardless, play nice. Also, KOAR listened to My December. It’s ok. The first single Never Again is the strongest song on the CD, guaranteed.

Matchbox Twenty will be entering into the studio with producer Steve Lillywhite. Matchbox Twenty’s three albums to date have sold more than 28 million copies worldwide.

Warner CEO Edgar Bronfman is now the subject of an insider trading probe according to a French newspaper. Bronfman was allegedly grilled by Paris authorities for dumping significant shares of Vivendi stocks in 2002. (DMN)


Fergie is set to make £2 million by promoting a US clothing firm in her songs. Fergie has become the first star to agree to product placement in her songs, will write and perform tracks endorsing fashion company Candie’s on her second solo album. (Coolfer, Post Chronicle)

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