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The Kelly Clarskon and Clive Davis drama continues to make press. Honestly, this doesn’t look for the industry mogul and the label. Artists typically want artist friendly partners/labels. Not only that, major labels don’t want this type of press, especially when labels are collapsing.

This is taken from the NY POST.

“Clive is furious because Kelly has assumed total artistic control over her new album and refuses his suggestions,” according to an insider at Sony BMG, the parent of Clarkson’s label, RCA. Davis, who runs Sony BMG, slammed Clarkson at a company retreat in April, saying she can’t produce hits.

And music industry insiders were dumbfounded when Davis took the stage during the “American Idol” finale to plug Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee’s new singles, but failed to mention Clarkson’s third album, “My December,” which debuts in June. Instead, Davis promoted the songwriters for one of Clarkson’s hits, “Since U Been Gone.”


Our insider said, “She wrote all of the second album herself – including the hits ‘Because of You,’ ‘Behind These Hazel Eyes’ and ‘Walk Away.’ Clive hated ‘Because of You’ so much, he would routinely mock it in meetings. It was one of her most successful singles.”

Clarkson is not only one of Sony BMG’s most profitable artists, having sold close to 15 million albums – she is also not a diva.

She hasn’t demanded to renegotiate her deal with the label, our source said, even though “she only gets like $250,000 an album when she could get millions. She refuses to take more money because she wants artistic control. And she has always turned out to be right. If Clive had had his way, she wouldn’t have sold nearly as many albums as she did.

The source added, “Kelly wanted to make a deeply personal record. Here’s an artist who didn’t demand more money, who handed in her record on time in January, after making him millions, and now he rips her? The music business is collapsing, and this is why. They won’t let people put out their real music. This is about his huge ego.”

Now KOAR can’t confirm that this scenario played out exactly in the manner the NY POST reported, but its not completely unbelievable either. Its certainly not the first time A&R’s couldn’t identify HITS. A&R guys and label execs wanting to eliminate certain songs off the record that become #1 Hits is common.

The bottom line is that Kelly Clarkson made Clive, Clive didn’t make Kelly. Simon Cowell who is a great A&R guy said to Kelly during the first half of American Idol “You are going to be HUGE STAR”. Again, Kelly created her own opportunity.

The Bottom Line: Artists break themselves, Labels don’t break artists. Whoever claims other wise is blowing smoke up your ARSE.


On another note, check out this performance of Kelly Clarkson live on ABC. Her voice and passion are impeccable. Congrats Kelly, you are a TRUE STAR!

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Sounds Under Radio, the only unsigned band on the Spiderman 3 Soundtrack, will be showcasing tonight May 29th at the Mercury Lounge, 9:30pm. The band has recently secured two additional placements in the War Games 2 movie. Check out the band at here.

Dave Navarro’s band The Panic Channel are recording and releasing their next album without the help of a record label. The former Jane’s Addiction rocker is keen to break free from record company “slavery.”

Navarro says, “Our plan is to write, record, mix and make the music available online, DIY-style. “We have an opportunity to do what we always wanted – end our personal slavery to a failing corporate industry that is on its last legs and gasping for air.” (andpop)


The club goer Justin Timberlake will be starting his own label called Tennman Records, a joint venture with Interscope Records. (AllHipHop)

Producer David Bendeth who just finished Paramore (FBR/Atlantic) will be working with Pop/folk artist Serena Ryder due out on Atlantic Records.

      MORE Indie Invaders

The New York Times talks about the chaos in the major label world.

CD sales have plunged more than 20 percent this year, far outweighing any gains made by digital sales at iTunes and similar services. Also, It’s to costly to sign new bands and build a buzz.

Sources say “Everyone in the industry thinks of this Christmas as the last big holiday season for CD sales,” Mr. Sinnreich said, “and then everything goes kaput.”

EMI agreed last week to be purchased for more than $4.7 billion by a private equity investor, Terra Firma Capital Partners, whose diverse holdings include a European waste-conversion business. Rival bids could yet surface — though the higher the ultimate price, the more pressure the owners will face to make dramatic cuts or sell the company in pieces in order to recoup their investment.

Very few albums have gained traction. More than half of all music acquired by fans last year came from unpaid sources including Internet file sharing and CD burning, according to the market research company NPD Group.

Although Majors are trying different approaches in order to survive, the real million dollar problem is the creative drought and the lack of artists who ignite consumers interest in buying music.

Sales of rap, which had provided the industry with a lifeboat in recent years, fell far more than the overall market last year with a drop of almost 21 percent, according to Nielsen SoundScan. (And the marquee star 50 Cent just delayed his forthcoming album, “Curtis.”)

Its a new world…………….


You can read better news Here, aka the ‘Alternate Industry’.

(NY Times)

      MORE Indie Invaders

CABIN tap into the beauty of simplicity and power of negative space on their new EP, I Was Here. Although it’s only 5 tracks, frontman Noah Hewett-Ball’s unique style of cleverly straight forward lyrics combined with a melodic mastery and technical proficiency give listeners the feeling they are being gently lulled to sleep while their subconscious absorbs the full weight of the songs. Nevermind that their title track was recently #7 most added on CMJ and steadily climbing up the charts. Forget about their large regional fanbase, sold out shows and corresponding album sales for their 2005 release, Govern The Good Life. And please don’t put too much on Sufjan Stevens’ personal endorsement of the band and promotion on his MySpace. None of that matters as much as the music itself…hype not needed. You could see this band playing on a street corner and know there was something special about them.

CABIN is currently touring in support of I Was Here, released by Machine Records (available nationwide May 29). For more information, please contact Chris Buttleman 262.248.9010

Check out the tracks:
I Was Here
Cover Your Eyes

      MORE Indie Invaders


The best days may still be ahead for Jordin Sparks, but the same may not be said for “American Idol.” The 30.7 million people who watched Sparks win on Wednesday was a sharp drop from the 36.4 million people who saw Taylor Hicks in last year’s finale, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Industry observers said chances are that the 2006 season will stand as the peak for audience interest.

A lackluster pool of contestants, the general malaise among viewers this spring and the simple laws of TV gravity are all factors.

“People are getting tired of it,” said Marc Berman, an analyst for Media Week Online. “I know I am.”

Producers have agreed to make a spinoff for Fox, a band contest instead of one for individual singers, that will air Fridays in the fall. While Berman said it’s likely to fail in the same way that “American Juniors” did, the spinoff still represents a risk in diluting the brand. I would steer clear of it,” he said.


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