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Apple has embedded personal information into music files bought from its iTunes online music store. Techonology websites and computer geeks discovered that personal data, including the name and e-mail addresses of purchasers, are embedded into the AAC files that Apple uses to distribute music tracks.

The information is also included in tracks sold under Apple’s iTunes Plus system, launched this week, where users pay a premium for music that is free from the controversial digital rights (DRM) software that is designed to safeguard against piracy.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation, the online consumer rights group, added that it had identified a large amount of additional unaccounted-for information in iTunes files. It said it was possible that the data could be used to “watermark” tracks so that the original purchaser could be tracked down were a track to appear on a file-sharing network.

Is Apple using steganography to include personal information about the buyer’s account as a way of tracing illegally shared files?

Of course you didn’t see this in the latest APPLE Press Release.

      MORE Indie Invaders

      MORE Indie Invaders


Melissa Mathes who hails from nashville has been dubbed by some as a female version of Tom Petty”. From an early age of 11, Melissa was busy preparing to make her mark as she appeared on Ed McMahon’s “Star Search.” She has since sang the National Anthem for former President Bill Clinton, compared high notes with Mariah Carey, and performed along side such artists as John Denver, Ray Charles, Sheryl Crow, Cheap Trick and The Dixie Chicks.

Melissa Mathes has already collaborated with some of the best in the business, including Danny Wilde (The Rembrandts), Sammy Llanas (The BoDeans), Joe Puerta (Bruce Hornsby, Ambrosia), The Warren Brothers (RCA), Victor Delorenzo (Violent Femmes), Joe Pisapia (Guster), John Deaderick (Patty Griffin) and Daniel Tashian (The Bees) to name a few.

When asked about the future, Melissa stated, “Music has become something spiritual to me. It’s my way to give myself. I want to practice on it, expand on it, explore through it, and share it, to move people. That is my art.”

Check out the track Waiting For Your Life to Start , I Wont Worry and Cool Down the Mercury.

Next Show:
Jun 19 – The Basement (Nashville, TN)

For more info, contact Karl Rybacki at Songwise Music

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The Cult has signed to New Wilderness the imprint that goes through RoadRunner.


Music Networking site was acquired by CBS.  Billboard is reporting that the purchase price is rumored to be $280 million. Last.FM claims they have millions of users.

Sounds Under Radio recent performance at the mercury lounge attracted peeps from Columbia Records, Epic Records, Warner Bros, Atlantic, Universal/Republic, American, Capitol Music Group, Hollywood Records, among numerous others…

iTunes is now offering unprotected AAC files for EMI artist downloads

Check out the new social networking site Trig.  Insiders are claiming Trig could be the NEW myspace without the spam. In fact, Spam is absolutely killing myspace. Also,  the internet spam king has been arrested and will be facing 65 years behind bars. It looks like US prosecutors are committed to finding these spammers and throwing them in jail where they belong.

EMI strikes deal with YouTube….. 

EMI Music has announced a major new deal with YouTube and Google, allowing viewers complete access to videos from EMI artists.  Eric Nicoli, CEO of EMI Group, added, “Working with YouTube under this agreement meets EMI’s objectives to offer consumers the best possible entertainment experiences, to create new ways to connect our artists to
fans and to enter into innovative business models that will generate revenues for our business and our creators

Don’t you love corporate press releases? I mean, these guys are the MASTERS of the OBVIOUS……..

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Maroon 5 officially formed in 2001 and were releasing their major label debut, Songs About Jane by June 2002. Although that seems quick, the album’s first single ‘Harder to Breathe’ was slow to impact at radio and mainstream attention didn’t come to the band until nearly 2 full years later. By March 2004, the single finally reached the Top 20 in Billboard, while the band continued to tour rigorously with anyone and everyone. For the next 3 years, Maroon 5 would continue to slowly release singles and tour, finding chart-topping success with ‘This Love,’ ‘She Will Be Loved’ and ‘Sunday Morning.’ For the last few weeks, Maroon 5 has seemingly been everywhere, performing on every televised stage available, scoring heavy rotation with the video for the new single ‘Makes Me Wonder,’ as well as picking up a strong internet buzz. Last week, the band released their sophomore effort for Octone/A&M called It Won’t Be Soon Before Long, which debuted at #1 selling 429,000 copies physically and 102,000 copies digitally, but if the past is any indication, this is just the beginning.

Not many labels will wait 2 years for a single impact, but then again, not many bands can ride the success of one album for more than 4 years and then follow it up with another strong release. Maroon 5 make it clear- slumps are for chumps. The band has come out swinging with this new album, playing up the dashing good looks of their frontman and sex appeal of their soulful new wave rock. They play every available stage effortlessly, confident in their live performance and songwriting. These guys aren’t in a hurry…they’re rockstars. When the songs are great, and the band is great, there is no rush. You can take your time and get the most out of the album, selling over 8 million copies and touring the globe many times over without hocking cell phones and soda or starting a clothing line. You can promote your new album by playing live for people instead of buying into cheesy gimmicks. Great musicians really can make it ‘all about the music,’ because the music is strong enough to rely on. Hopefully they’ll release another album before 2012, but who knows? Maybe the ‘5’ in the name is symbolic.

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