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KOAR has talked about alternative rock act God or Julie in Higher Learning. They are currently finishing up their new CD “This Road Before”. They just got off the Van Wilder Tour playing with Everclear. The bands new guitarist Matt Hogan replaced Aaron Johnson who co-produced The Fray CD. Check out the new track Being Human.

Check out the video “Say Your Last GoodBye” on YouTube and the new tracks

For more information contact Bill McGathy or Michael Iurato.

Performing tonight at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC show on Wed March 7th 10PM.

      MORE Indie Invaders

The U.S. Copyright Royalty Board known as the CRB has endorsed a plan by SoundExchange, the royalty-collections division of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), to raise the fees Internet radio broadcasters must pay to broadcast their music.

The royalty increases are high enough (.0008 per performance) to put Web-based radio stations out of business. They can’t afford to pay those royalty fees.

Lets look at it this way:

For a station with 2,000 listeners playing 15 songs per hour, the math looks like this:

15 x $.0007 = $.0105 per listener/hour
$.0105 x 2000 = $21 for 2000 listeners in an hour
$21 x 24 = $504 per day
$504 x 365.25 = $184,086 per year

This exceeds the gross revenues of most internet radio station today. (LinuxJournal)

“It’s the end of Internet radio as we know it,” one broadcaster fumed. “The RIAA wants to put us all out of business.”

In all honesty, I don’t listen to Internet Radio. I can’t find an internet radio station that suits my personal taste. It’s very fragmented. For those who do, start getting aquainted with FM again.


      MORE Indie Invaders

EMI a 260 pence-a-share takeover proposal from Warner Music Group said the offer was too low. The proposal was not in the best interests of the company’s shareholders, London-based EMI said in a PR Newswire statement today.

Back to the drawing board…..

      MORE Indie Invaders

New York-based band Fight Of Your Life have recently released their new album, The Phoenix EP. Although forming just last year, they have already landed shows and tours with Helmet, Blindside, 10 Years, The Warped Tour and Papa Roach. Jacoby Shaddix even lends some guest vocals to their track ‘The Phoenix and The Fall.’ For more information contact Dan Friedman. Check out the tracks Leave The Light On and Church Bells. 

Labels will be attending tomorrows S.I.R Studio performance at 7:00PM.

      MORE Indie Invaders

KOAR doesn’t typically reserve its space for lunatic movie directors, but we couldn’t let this shameless marketing tactic slide. Disgraced movie director James Cameron who claimed to be ‘the king of the world’ when he won an Oscar for Titanic has no shame to push a script that he wanted to sell. He was set out to find the real Jesus and my GOD he came back with the goods. Golly Day, The King of the World found Jesus. The last time I picked up the yellow pages I found the name Jesus 75 times. But Nooo…He found the real one. This maniac human is actually going on the record making outlandish claims. Director Simcha Jacobovici told the press conference: “For millions of readers, the Da Vinci Code was a fantasy, a fiction. Here is a Judah, son of Jesus, next to a Jesus and a Mariamne.” Greed sees no boundaries. Some hollywood execs are concerned on how this could effect his career.

          • Lastly, check out the new Avril Lavigne single girlfriend. You may not be a fan, but please, don’t let this stop you from listening to this track. This will give you an idea of the state of the music biz and why consumers stopped buying records. Seriously, what production team is responsible for this?
          • Alternative rock act Cog who has close to a gold record in Australia will be playing their first performance here in the states at the Whisky (LA) on March 5th. Cog are free agents in the US. Reps will be coming to this one. For more information email management.
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