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Bundling Digital Albums….

Bon Jovi will bundle a digital iTunes copy of the band’s upcoming album “Lost Highway” with purchase of presale tickets for their upcoming stand to open the new Prudential Center in Newark, N.J., which begins Oct. 25. The Bon Jovi deal is the first-ever “all-in” presale that bundles a ticket and a digital album together as a single transaction sold via

This is a great strategy. Consumers get the album and the ticket. Plus, it doesn’t feel like  music is given away for free. It holds value.

Are CD’s really Dead?

CD sales still represent 80% of all album sales. The CD is far from dead.  Some say the store that sells CD’s are dead. Basically, its hipper to buy a CD from Starbucks than Target. Read the article here.

Webcasters ask Congress for Help in Royalty Battle…

The CEOs of Yahoo!, RealNetworks, Live365, and Pandora have all signed off on a letter on behalf of the Internet radio industry, asking Congress to take a look at the the Copyright Royalty Board’s decision.

The letter notes that the CRB decision “shocked the industry and neutral analysts” and says that “the CRB-imposed royalties will cause immediate bankruptcy of the majority of the Internet radio industry when it becomes effective July 15, and will actually reduce royalties to record companies and artists as services go dark and royalties are never paid.”

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Linkin Park has an impressive showing, may in fact be the biggest rock act in the world…

Hybrid Theory is certified Diamond (10 times Platinum) in the U.S. by the RIAA. It is also the twenty-first century’s highest selling debut album, selling 24 million copies worldwide.

Meteora – 1st week it sold an estimated 810,000 units. 11 million copies worldwide, with more than 5.5 million sold in the U.S. alone.

Minutes to Midnight– topped the Billboard Charts within its debut week, selling nearly 625,000 copies. This record will sell 3 million+.

Never in the history of the music biz has an artist repeat this sales history especially when they do these kind of numbers on one album, not even Metallica, Michael Jackson, and Shania twain…nobody!

Check out this Live performance….

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Hot Topic trying to win back shoppers………

Hot Topic’s dark goth stores, which were once popular with gothic rebellious teen shoppers, are getting a lighter, brighter makeover as the retailer struggles to pull sales out of a deep hole, the company’s chief financial officer said Wednesday.

“People were telling us that the stores were too dark, gothic and intimidating to the average customer,” McGinty said.

“We’re putting more merchandise at the front of the stores. We’ve put flatscreen TVs at the entrance that show our logo. The store walls are no longer black but a lighter color,” he said.

Change is good. Hot Topic needs to capitalize on a NEW trend. Imagine a major cultural shift taking place between the transition of the dark stores to the light stores.  As if………

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Check it out KOAR readers!

Twenty-years-old ‘Do it Yourself’ Oklahoma bred singer/songwriter/piano player, Maggie McClure is getting her name out there. She has been performing at various churches, youth groups, theatres, festivals, clubs and in-store events for six years. Some say Maggie is breaking down walls between secular and sacred audiences. More information here.

Check out the “What’s It Like” Music Video that will be featured on MTV Networks.

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