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Katy Perry managed to the grab the first spot on the annual list of the highest-paid women in music. She made $83 million for the year topping Taylor Swift ($80 million), Beyoncé ($60 million) and Pink ($52 million).

Despite releasing an album that fell below expectations, Katy’s tour earned $1 million a night and American Idol gave her a $20 million paycheck which helped her secure the #1 spot.

Here is the complete list:

Katy Perry ($83 million), Taylor Swift ($80 million), Beyoncé ($60 million), Pink ($52 million), Lady Gaga ($50 million), Jennifer Lopez ($47 million), Rihanna ($37.5 million), Helene Fischer ($32 million), Celine Dion ($31 million), Britney Spears ($30 million)

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The music business is known as the business of exception and this is definitely an exception. Pop singer Mariah Carey who fell out of the public eye recently appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote her new album Caution. Ironically, her album  Glitter, a commercial flop, that was released nearly 20 years ago became a topic of discussion. In fact, she said that her life was nearly ruined when she recorded the album Glitter. In reaction to the interview, her fans created the hashtag #justiceforglitter which propelled the album on top of the iTunes Album Chart. Consequently, it beat out new releases by Lil Wayne, Ariana Grande, Travis Scott, and John Legend.

During the recording of Glitter, Mariah suffered emotional problems that caused her to check into the hospital. Her spokeswoman said that she “suffered an emotional and physical breakdown” due to lack of sleep and was under psychiatric care.

Mariah says, “I can say it now that they got it to No. 1, so I thank them,” she continued. “This is all about them. And I should not have to feel bad about that because it was all about the circumstances when the album came out, so it’s exciting.” CONTINUE READING

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Femme Royal releases the new track “I Don’t Wanna Lose“.  The track opens with a layer of thick auto-tuned vocals that builds up to a punchy chorus. Femme Royal tells Kings, “When you’re starting to miss who you once were, it’s time to let that person go”. The new track follows the previous single How Bad.  Her first two releases, both 80’s influenced, are pretty strong. The 25 year old Swedish pop singer had her beginnings in sleaze rock, jazz, and finally morphing into Femme Royale. Give it a stream.

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I’m liking Corella, the indie rock act from Manchester. The band dropped the up-tempo anthemic track Island. The band formed in 2016 and have been receiving regular support from BBC Introducing while the latest track was added to Spotify’s Hot New Bands playlist. Garnering over a million streams on Spotify, they even sold out Academy 3 in Manchester. I’ll dub them a festival band, as they are festival regulars and to break as an alt-rock act the live show must be strong. Give it a listen.

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Kings favorite Nate Head releases his debut EP Low Mids. We may have garnered a bit of a buzz when we featured the debut electro track ‘So Like LA‘. The track was picked up by Spotify’s Fresh Finds which led to some label interest. The 24 year old electro-popster also made a move from Nashville to sunny Los Angeles. With the track sitting at 100,000 Spotify streams and with a new EP release, I think Nate Head could make a name for himself.

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