Look out for Ryan Santiago aka Royal & The Serpent track I can’t get high out via Atlantic. If you’re a fan of alternative pop like Billie Eilish, you could like RTS.

“I definitely feel like I’m two people living in one body, where I can just slip at the drop of a dime and become a totally different person” shares Royal & the Serpent.

The Los Angeles based indie artist independently released her debut single “Temperance”, in 2018, she released “Together” before signing with Atlantic Records. Last year she joined YUNGBLUD on his ‘The Weird Time of Life’ global digital tour.

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Watch out for Skylar Lee and the fun track Whoopsie Daisy. The song ventures into old Taylor Swift territory before she took the indie route. Skylar moved from PA to Nashville and showcased her music at the ASCAP Writers Night, via by Big Yellow Dog Publishing. The glitzed-up pop singer cites Dua Lipa, Dagny, Bleachers, and Carly Rae Jepson as influences. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders Playlist. You may like if you love fun upbeat pop.

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Check out the new track Rain On My Parade by Command Sisters. No, it’s not the Duffy song, but it’s a very cool track reminiscent of the 90’s act Garbage fronted by Shirley Manson. If you like sad 90’s indie pop, you’ll love this.

“While we were writing it, we wanted to capture the moment a victim realizes that the person that hurts them no longer has control of them. It’s basically a middle finger moment” shares the duo who are made up siblings Charlotte and Sarah.

After a string of successes the Canadian duo signed with Republic and released several singles including “Steal Your Heart,” “Feel Good,” “Lonely Lullaby,” “I Like It,” and “I Can Do What I Want To”.

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Check out track In Our Mind by Giovanna Castronari aka as Nari. It’s hard to find artist comparisons because Nari found her own music space. The 22 year old Berlin based artist grew up as the daughter of a jazz musician and was influenced by genres like Bossa Nova and classical jazz.
Later, she found inspiration in female folk music like Dillon, Daughter or Norah Jones. She landed on Spotify’c Cafe and Melancholic Indie Playlists. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders.

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Up and coming Madison releases Seize The Day. You’ll like if you’re a fan of Gaga’s earlier work.
The Australian artist collaborates with Sweden based producer Oliver Lundstrom (James Arthur, producer X factor UK, Faouzia). She released her debut track last year with Indiana followed by the ballad What Did I Do To You. Give it a stream on KOAR’s Indie Invaders.

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