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Twitter boss Jack Dorsey is buying Jay Z’s streaming platform Tidal hoping to find new ways for artists to make money.

If you’ve never heard of Tidal, that’s not shocking. Jay-Z bought Tidal for millions but itnever found proper footing because Spotify and Apple Music dominated the market.
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Tidal never had a big subscriber base, hence, never paid artists substantial money.

Anyhow, Jesse Dorogusker, the Square executive now in charge of Tidal says,
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“We see musicians as entrepreneurs who have some tools but not others. They don’t have great financial systems.”

Will Tidal help artists sell merchandise and tickets using data? I’m not sure what the plan is…. buy abilify online no prescription

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Eminem released a new track in response to a TikTok campaign that is trying to CANCEL him.

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“I won’t stop even when my hair turns gray (I’m tone deaf)/ ‘Cause they won’t stop until they cancel me,” Em tweeted when dropping the video.

Eminem was blasted by a TikTok Campaign over the 2010 single, “Love the Way You Lie,” that promotes domestic violence according to critics. Marshall Mathers doesn’t sweat backlash. In fact, he welcomes the media mob. buy Cymbalta online no prescription

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The government of India has threatened to jail employees of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter as it seeks to end political protests and take control over American owned tech platforms.

Twitter “will continue to advocate for the fundamental principles of the Open Internet,” a company spokesman said, adding: “Threats to these principles are on the rise around the world, which is of deep concern.”
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Other nations have responded that the U.S. big tech companies are not advocating an open internet. Instead these social platforms have morphed into media and publishing companies.
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Right now, Facebook and WhatsApp have more users in India than in any other country. buy zoloft online no prescription

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Miley Cyrus moved to Columbia Records after 7 years and a four album deal on RCA. Miley’s co-managers Adam Leber and Tish Cyrus’ have a relationship with Columbia CEO Ron Perry which sealed the deal.

Miley’s sister Noah and Lil Nas X is also signed with Columbia who is also managed by Leber.
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Miley made a jump from child TV actress to pop singer making a splash with “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop”.
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Miley released three albums under RCA – Bangerz in 2013, Younger Now in 2017 and the most recent album Plastic Hearts which topped the rock charts.
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“We Can’t Stop,” Wrecking Ball” and “Malibu” were her biggest hits.

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Spotify continues to make noise with their global emerging artist development program, RADAR.

In RADAR news, the streaming platform has teamed up with Oslo-based pop artist, girl in red, aka Marie Ulven.

girl in red has released the single “Serotonin’ (FINNEAS collaboration) that deals with mental health that comes off her forthcoming album if i could make it go quiet.
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The indie pop singer first made waves with “i wanna be your girlfriend,” which has clocked over 150 million streams on Spotify landing on Spotify’s most popular playlists including New Music Friday, LOREM, Oyster, Ultimate Indie, Out Now.
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girl in red will get the full Spotify muscle including promotional support for her upcoming releases, on-platform marketing, and social promotion.
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Spotify’s previous US RADAR artists Alaina Castillo, J.I The Prince of N.Y, The Kid LAROI, and Flo Milli.

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