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Check out the video for the track Million To One by Amanda Henkel. Born in Louisiana and raised on country music she found herself in the studio with Csaba Petocz (Cody McCarver, John Michael Montgomery, Ben Folds, Greenday) after a successful modeling career.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Worth reporting is Kesha, or should I say the track Tik Tok, the song co-written by Dr. Luke and Benny Blanco. This auto-tune enhanced track broke a record during the week of December 27th selling 610,000 digital downloads. A club song with a solid groove always will find a way on top of the charts. Maybe we will get to know who Kesha is eventually…

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Check out the track Maddie KTHX by Stay. The pop rock act were listed in the top 20 unsigned bands on PureVolume and will be performing at Pete Wentz’s popular NYC Angel & Kings on January 18th.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Bono urges the protection of intellectual property argueing that file sharing doesn’t benefit creators and artists.

Interestingly enough, not a single album since 2004 has sold more than 20,000,000. The biggest selling CD’s this year will be from Taylor Swift and Susan Boyle both achieving 5,000,000+ sales. In the past, sales easily topped 10,000,000. I blame it on illegal downloading and less-than-stellar talent.

Regardless, making music is the same as making iPods. It’s time sensitive and costly. You cannot walk into a store and walkout with an iPod without paying for it.

      MORE Indie Invaders

47 year old Susan Boyle sold 3 million records in 5 weeks. To put in perspective, Lady Gaga has sold 2.3 million records in 61 weeks. Here is the breakdown….

Susan Boyle ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ sold 510,166 copies this week while Taylor Swift sold 224,270 copies of Fearless with total sales of 5,269,466.

Lady Gaga ‘Fame’ (168,568)
Justin Bieber ‘My World’ (156,789)
Carrie Underwood ‘Play On’ (152,873)
Michael Buble ‘Crazy Love’ (136,628)
Owl City ‘Ocean Eyes’ (107,622)
Adam Lambert ‘For Your Entertainment’ (61,683) – Bad Press…

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