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Team Goldie who hails from Landenberg, Pa and formed in 2004 may have written some songs that could make them a household name among the indie/hip hop acts.

Performing TONIGHT at Angels & Kings (500 E. 11th b/t Ave. A+B)
8:00 PM.

Check out the tracks Diamonds and Heartbreakdancer. For more information email

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Sick of Sarah who hails from Minneapolis will be performing at the Mercury Lounge (NYC) on May 15th. Band is on tour right now in the Midwest, playing Rock on The Range Canada in June with Blue October, Rise Against, Billy Talent, etc. The band won Best Emerging Artist at Summerfest 2008. Spin compared the band to The Breeders and Sleater Kinney and they reached #31 on the CMJ Charts in Febuary. LP Comes out in Japan May 20th on Spinning, Inc. Press including Elle Girl, INROCK, Figaro, Soup, SEDA, and LOOKS! Check out the track Breakdown and the video for Bittersweet. For more information email

      MORE Indie Invaders


Check out the track Very Busy People by The Limousines who hail from the San Francisco Bay area. The electronic duo just signed to Republic Universal and will be performing June 6th at Shoreline Ampitheatre (Live 105).

      MORE Indie Invaders


Check out Devil Will Dance by Nashville’s Jesse Terry who has quickly become a KOAR favorite. Jesse just released his debut album “The Runner” which was produced by The Click Five’s bassist Ethan Mentzer. His parents infused his childhood with music and art, and exposed him to the likes of Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles. At a young age he studied with two well-known painters, both of whom encouraged him to enter art school, instead, he focused solely on music. Jesse has won a laundry list of songwriter awards and his Americana style is influenced by ’70’s pop, giving him an accessible sound that is different than everything coming out of Nashville today. Next show: Jun 11th at Third and Lindsley in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information contact

      MORE Indie Invaders


“I’m not Prince or Rivers Cuomo who brags about having hundreds of great songs. And to that I would say, Prince, if you have a hundred great songs or a thousand, how about picking a few and putting them on your record that you’ve put out because your last several have sucked. Same for you, Rivers. I say that constructively, you know.” (The Daily Swarm)

Trent on his own material:

Some songs you realize don’t go as well as you wish they would. When I finished “With Teeth” I thought The Collector was my favorite song on the record, but everytime I played that live – there were lots of blank faces looking back at you. You can judge peoples reactions. Full video interview here.

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