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Writing the Anti-Download Album: In this day age, music tracks are disposable as bubblegum. The key is writing an all encompassing album that people want to buy. All encompassing means great songs, great artwork and a unifying theme stringing everything together. Coldplay understands this well.

“X&Y was melodic and safe, but too many songs were trying to be anthems says Chris Martin. We still love big choruses but on Viva la Vida, no anthem dominates. The big thing this time was to write a complete and cohesive album. I call it our ‘anti-download’ album, in that there aren’t are two or three songs to dip into. Each song informs the next and they all have their own colour. The guiding principle was: ‘We can’t get any bigger, but we can get better.’

Chris Martin on producer Brian Eno…

We felt Brian was the man to reconnect us. Just listen to the production he has done for Bowie, Talking Heads or U2. I always view our albums in terms of U2 albums. Viva la Vida is our Unforgettable Fire in that it’s less straightforward, more oblique. It’s about sex and death and love and fear and travel and illness. There’s light and there’s dark.

Chris Martin on EMI…

“We delivered the last record late, and there were reports EMI’s share price had fallen because the album wasn’t going to be out in a certain financial quarter. How can I emphasise this? It’s Got Nothing To Do With Me. You can’t put that sort of pressure on a band.

“EMI has been through a lot, but when people are saying ‘the success of the new Coldplay album is vital to EMI’s future’, you just want to curl up and die. (Full article here)

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We know the 70’s gave us classic bands, there are to many to name…

Remember the 80’s? It was the decade of big stadium bands and UK pop. There was a mile long line of girls and guys waiting outside the tour bus only to catch a glimpse of Motley Crue or Poison. Then came Guns N Roses that was led by a frontman known as W. Axl Rose that nearly shook every arena he stepped foot on. Don’t believe me? just watch this video.

In the nineties, Nirvana entered the scene along with their disciples and spread the message across the globe. The female artists were so convinced of the message that they traded pop for poetry. Top 40 radio let go of pop only to lean towards rock. Lilith Fair was a traveling music festival, founded by musician Sarah McLachlan, all of these bands and artists inspired millions of kids and the music biz was doing quite well.

Then all of sudden, darkness was cast upon the earth. Wolves in sheep clothing promised music executives that they would bring them milk and honey only to leave them with a curse that still has a stronghold on the people and on the land. Those false prophets were the boy bands – and when they last walked the earth the music business was setting sales records and the milk and honey were overflowing.

Then came the curse. Now in a bleak era and dark times the labels are looking back to boy bands hoping they will get them out of the tough times.

New Kids On The Block are back together and are recording a new album due in the fall and “nearly every major is pushing its own fresh group of singing, dancing dudes, including Warner Bros.’V Factory, Geffen’s NLT, Capitol’s Varsity Fanclub and Epic’s new Menudo.”

In fact, the major music labels are looking at Disney’s success with their teen stars and they want to get in the game and start hedging bets. Disney has used  their networks including the Disney Channel and Disney Radio to launch multi million seller teens including Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers.

“Disney has done a phenomenal job using the assets that they control to create stars,” says Capitol Music Group CEO Jason Flom. “But that doesn’t mean they have a monopoly. The right music trumps everything.”

Of course times have changed and the media landscape has changed so launching a boy band today is much different than yesterday. MTV doesn’t play videos anymore and top 40 is still held hostage by urban and club beats.

So will the false prophets rise again? Or will the angels in white robes regain their lost territory and claim victory once again. Only time will tell….

In Dark Times, Labels Look to Boy Bands.

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KOAR featured Tamar several months ago because we fell in love with the track New Day. Tamar is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter and her unique style of piano driven pop-rock may just give her swarm of fans. We also like her influences – Billy Joel, Carole King, and The Beatles. Tamar submitted for a One Republic “Apologize” cover contest and her version proved to be better than the other thousands that entered. The good always will rise to the top. Her passion, talent, and effort just recently led to a record deal with Interscope Records and she will begin recording early July. Check out her indie video for her track ‘New Day‘.

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U2 manager Paul McGuinness accused the world’s Internet providers of victimizing the music industry. He accused the ISP’s of adopting a moral code that applies more strictly to one group than to another.

ISP’s do not want to work with the creative community and protect artist rights because they claim that they don’t want to intervene in the traffic of their networks, but history and evidence show that ISP’s have INTERVENED in the traffic when it SUITS and BENEFITS them. This evidence alone displays a discriminatory practice and requires government legislation.

McGuiness saved his sharpest criticism for China.

China is a picture perfect example of a crumbling music business that we as americans, musicians, artists, songwriters, want to avoid at all costs. BBC reported that the huge numbers of pirated CDs and high levels of illegal downloading are forcing Chinese pop stars to find alternative ways to make a living. China’s music industry is considered the world’s most chaotic, those involved in the business say. In other words its pure anarchy.

“McGuinness likened ISPs to “shoplifters” and accused them of “turning their heads” away from the music industry’s troubles and “rigging the market.”

“Warner Music prexy Lachie Rutherford pointed out that the 2% of revenues from downloads and ringtones is shared with performers. “There are huge amounts of money being made from music (by portals and carriers) that are not supporting music, or radio or magazines,” Rutherford said.”


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Borders Cut Jobs: Borders who is losing market share to retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon will fire 274 workers, or 20 percent of its corporate workforce, as part of a plan to save $120 million a year.

John Mayer indirectly claims he is one of the better guitar players: Mayer responds when asked ‘What does the guitar mean to you now’?

“For me, it’s my flotation device, because I now exist in this celebrity sort of world. But I don’t feel like anybody’s been able to truly knock me off my legs, because I have a trade. You can’t just walk onstage and start playing guitar ’cause you thought it looked neat. With guitar, you get out what you put in, and it’s the ultimate shield for other people trying to fuckin’ take away your heart and soul. It’s a completely exposed craft. There is no facade”.

It’s also a nice to see that Mayer recognizes a good guitar tone that seems so absent in today’s music. “There’s so many clichés about this, which I hate, like “molten glass.” But I want it to sound like a voice. That’s all. And you want that voice to speak back to you in a tone you don’t expect — so it doesn’t sound exactly like you. You want to listen to what it’s saying back to you says Mayer”.

New Music: Check out alive by Superchick. Although Superchick isn’t new, most people haven’t heard of the band. The band has sold over 700,000 albums in the Christian market. They have a new album dropping on June 24th titled “Rock What You Got”.

The Charts: Usher has a No. 1 album this week with “Here I Stand” with 433,000 U.S. copies sold. Ushers last record “Confessions” sold 800,000 first week. Rock act 3 Doors Down sold 63,000 and Death Cab For Cutie’s “Narrow Stairs” sold 33,000.

Major Music Labels Continue Investing In Digital Companies: Universal has invested into Uber, a digital startup that allows users to instantly create multimedia websites and blogs. Warner Music Group also invested $20 million in Lala.

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