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Recommended Show: Negative Space is performing  in NYC at Crash Mansion Thursday July 17th. For fans of mainstream rock bands including Breaking Benjamin, Saliva, and Seether. Listen to the track Right Now.

Amazon MP3 Store: Sources claim that Amazon may have 4% to 5% of the U.S. digital music market which would result in 27 million tracks being sold so far this year. Apple would have sold 1 billion tracks in the same period.

Buzzing: Rock band Settings, a KOAR favorite, has posted a video for the track Creatures on their myspace. The band recently appeared on MTV’s TRL, lead singer Donny Evans is a legitimate frontman and the band is moving closer to a breakout song.

Idol News: Daughtry is in the studio writing recording his sophomore album and once again he will be writing with the same songwriters that worked on his debut. He will be working with Dave Basset (Shinedown) and Tommy Heriksen (Revis),  Mitch Allan (All These Lives), David Hodges and Ben Moody (What About Now), Brian Howes (What I Want, Over You), Ryan Tedder (One Republic),and Emerson Hart (Tonic).

EMI – Corporate Accounting: An internal e-mail from Guy Hands that was sent to his staff described a rosier path for EMI. “Mr Hands said revenue from the recorded music division rose 61 per cent to £288.1m ($574.8m) in the three months to the end of June.” Basically, firing employees spiked short term revenue, but what about next year?

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Radio: Dead or Alive?

Now, with more ways than ever to listen to only the music you want, anywhere you want, has terrestrial radio become nostalgic? Is internet radio the only radio of the future? Can satellite radio, local, and college stations maintain their listeners in the coming years?

Basically, is the radio still important?

This is just something I’ve become curious about after seeing a lot of young people around my age (I’m 19, by the way) reject radio because, “They always play the same songs over and over.” “There’s too many commercials”, or they just plug in their iPod.
With this seemingly mass movement of anti-radio young people, why does it remain so essential to the breaking of new bands and record sales?

Radio of any kind remains somewhat important because it still is a status symbol. Regardless of whether or not you have an issue with KROQ playing too much Chili Peppers or Foo Fighters, if your band gets on that station you could see a record deal overnight.
Radio can still set trends, Denver’s KTCL has seen local acts The Fray, Meese, Flobots, & Tickle Me Pink all receive sizable deals (and success) so far, and Boulder, CO hip-hop act 3oh!3 is probably on the same path (“Don’t Trust Me” is either lyrically genius, or lyrically awful, you decide.)

What Radio can still be, is a sign that a band has “Made it”.
Though it seems that today, you need a video on MTV or any other channel and any further TV/movie placement to legitimately “make it” and sell some records.

Radio can be still the be the key to new listeners and one of the biggest perks of being signed to a major label.

What I want to know is, where do you see radio headed in the future? Is it already dead? Will you ever go an hour without hearing a song from Sublime or Nirvana? Is the internet to radio what “Dip-N-Dots” is to Ice cream (Calling itself the future of the industry, but never seemingly getting there)?  Does anyone not have an issue with Clear Channel? And most importantly, will it remain important?

Now, check out some international up & comers:

Before The Worst by The Script  (UK based Phonogenic Records)

Dust by Royworld (Virgin Records)

I Don’t Wanna Love Her by Brinck (Copenhagen Records)

‘Radio: Dead or Alive’ is written by Dallas who currently attends San Francisco State University and works on the Live 105 (KITS) Action Team.

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New Artist Happenings: Val Emmich who will be releasing his forthcoming album ‘Little Daggers’ on indie label Bluhammock Music, will be appearing in a few episodes of the upcoming season of Ugly Betty on ABC and will be playing the lead role in Annette Apitz’s debut independent film Fighting Fish. Listen to the track Get On With It.

Crisis In Hollywood? Yes, The credit crunch has hit home in Hollywood after Paramount Pictures was forced to suspend plans for a $450m film financing. The truth is Paramount has lost investor confidence. Read the column Crisis or Not?

Signings: New Jersey metal act Mutiny has signed a deal with RoadRunner Records and North Carolina screamo metal band A Hero A Fake has signed to Victory Records.

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New Track on Chinese Democracy to Appear on Rock Band: A track titled ‘Shackler’s Revenge’ that is on Axl Rose’s long awaited album Chinese Democracy will appear on the video game Rock Band 2. Guitar Hero 2 is due out in September and Axl Rose has claimed the album is finished.

Speaking about video games, the company Activision Blizzard who releases Guitar Hero wants to open their own digital music store that can compete with iTunes. The Guitar Hero Franchise which sold 20 million copies and earned over a billion dollars could be a viable competitor.

Music Conferences: Dewey Beach Music Conference will be held September 25 through the 28th. Bands must apply to showcase by July 15th. Register early for your DBMC badge.

The Meany Fest will be held in NYC and will feature hundreds of bands. Last year over 260 bands performed and approximately 15,000 people attended. Submission deadline is July 31st.

Recommended Show: The Rise of Science will be performing at The Knitting Factory on July 16th in Los Angeles. For fans of Paper Route, Mute Math, and Kaddisfly.

New Anticipated Stream: Listen to the new Hinder song titled ‘Use Me‘ which was produced by Brian Howes. The track has an old school AC/DC feel. The new record has a November release date.

New Music: Listen to ‘Slow Dance With A Stranger‘ by Danger Radio. For fans of early Panic At The Disco. The record was released last week via Photo Finish/ Atlantic. Photo Finish is an imprint label owned by booking agent Matt Galle who books My Chemical Romance, Boys Like Girls, Metro Station, and Circa Survive.

Bringing the Rock Back: Check out the article in the NY Times that discusses the preparation of the Slipknot tour. Yes, the biggest metal act in the world is ready to release their new record.

Cost of Producing Movies is Skyrocketing: The music business is in rough times, but so is Hollywood. The cost of producing, marketing and distribution of specialty films has increased at unprecedented levels and “indie” divisions are coming under increased scrutiny from corporate parents. Paramount is consolidating by folding the marketing, distribution and physical production departments of Paramount Vantage into the larger studio.

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Concert Business Remains Strong: Surprisingly, the concert business is hanging in there despite the economy and rising gas prices according to Pollstar. Bon Jovi grossed $56.3 million while Springsteen pulled in $40.8 million. Following Bon Jovi and Springsteen are:

Van Halen ($36.8 million)
Kenny Chesney ($35.3 million)
Michael Bublé ($32.5 million)
Kanye West ($31.6 million)
Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige ($30.7 million)
Rascal Flatts ($25. million)

Sales Record: Coldplay is breaking all kinds of records. Now, ‘Viva La Vida’ is the biggest paid download album in the United States with a sales total of 394,000. Also, Coldplay broke the record for first week pre-orders and first week album tallies on iTunes.

All Grown Up: Check out the article titled ‘A Grown-Up’s Guide To Summer Rock Festivals’ that discusses how concert promoters are beginning to cater to the needs of the older crowd who can afford multiday tickets costing between $150 and $250.

From Record Stores to Bloomingdales: According to Fashion Week Daily, Apple Records has given Bloomingdale’s exclusive rights to Beatles images and the store intends to create a Beatles clothing line. Bloomingdale’s also may sell Beatles iPods (limited edition) which will consist of their whole catalog.

Sales: My Chemical Romance who just released a live CD/DVD titled ‘The Black Parade is Dead!’ only sold 22,693 in its first week.

Shinedown’s new record sold ‘Sound of Madness’ sold 21,927 this week with a total of 72,359. Check out the Devour video here.

Kid Rock shows us that a hit single can still offer a sucker punch. Kid Rock’s ‘Rock N Roll’ Jesus leaped back into the top 10 selling 45,000 this week with a total of 1,102,807. The sales spike is due to the sampling single All Summer Long.

Kings of A&R: After a long extensive trip on the west coast, Kings of A&R will be returning with a crop load of new artists next week. Send new music to

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