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Check out this video from the band Pistol Youth. They took some cues from Weezer of course and The debut EPÂ “Smiling can backfire” was recorded largely over the internet from various locations.

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  • Fox’s “American Idol” scored the biggest numbers Tuesday, as the audience drifted away from the inaugural coverage. According to Nielsen, “American Idol” dominated Tuesday’s opening hour with an 8.9 rating/22 share in adults 18-49 and 22.4 million viewers overall. (Variety)
  • We all know that Apple has been skirting around Steve Jobs health issues, thus, the SEC is now investigating Apple’s recent disclosures about the health of Jobs. “The Securities and Exchange Commission is thought to be responding to pressure from investors infuriated by the technology group’s surprise about-face on the seriousness of the illness affecting Mr Jobs.” (Times Online)
  • Metallica lead the class of this year’s “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” inductees. “What about the possibility of reuniting with bassist Jason Newsted, who was in the band from 1986 until 2001? “There’s been an invite put out, no doubt,” Hetfield revealed. “We want everyone to celebrate — everyone who’s been a part of it. Jason has been a big part of that. You don’t want to see the drama of a… unfortunately, Blondie or [Sex] Pistols or Van Halen.” It’s ridiculous. This is Metallica’s moment — along with others — but let’s celebrate. Let’s forget the crap.” As for what bassist Cliff Burton, who died in a tour bus accident in 1986, would have felt about the Rock Hall invite, Hetfield said, “I would like to think that Cliff would love this.” (Rolling Stone)
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The Record Life is 21 year old Jakob Johnson. He recently completed his debut album, “Into The Sea Of Something Big”. The album was produced by The Pharmacy and Lee Miles and mixed by Brad Gilderman. The band plays Jan 30th at the Troubadour with Thriving Ivory and Barcelona.

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  • Are musicians turning into writers? Apparently so! Quincy Jones, the Grammy Award-winning producer and composer, is following the lead of U2 frontman Bono by becoming a guest columnist in the Tribune Newspapers which includes the Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune. Newspapers are turning to guest celebrities to help thwart the advertising slump as more people are feeling to the internet for news. (Reuters)
  • U2’s new track “Get On Your Boots” can be streamed here which comes off their new album “No Line on the Horizon”. The band’s upcoming twelfth album No Line on the Horizon, completed in December 2008, is to be released on March 2nd 2009.
  • Advertising has been soft for radio stations, hence, Clear Channel is cutting 1,850 jobs, a 9% reduction in the total workforce. Chief Executive Mark Mays told employees that the company is facing an “unprecedented time of distress.” (Yahoo)
  • Once Again, Taylor Swift has the #1 record followed by Beyonce and Nickelback. Lady Gaga’s ‘Just Dance’ is the #1 digital single which has sold over 2 million copies.
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  • Amy Winehouse has started a record label called Lioness Records and her first signing is her 13 year old god-daughter named Dionne Bromfield. Winehouse has invested nearly 1 million dollars into the release by sending Bromfield to vocal lessons and bringing artists such as Lady Gaga and Lamar to sing on the album. (Guardian)
  • AFI who entered the studio with producer David Bottrill has decided to move on and record with Joe McGrath (Morrissey). Nearly everything about the eight full-length from AFI has been shrouded in mystery according to Buzznet, but frontman Davey Havok recently spoke to Billboard and said this: “The songs, for me, seem a little bit more refined and defined—a bit more straightforward,” AFI frontman Davey Havok says of his groups first album in three years. “Theyre not punk rock songs like from one of our early-90s records, but theres more rock-leaning on this album.” (Buzznet)
  • If you haven’t already noticed, YouTube is ‘muting’ video clips that feature “unauthorized” songs. YouTube users are up in arms at the news, accusing the video-sharing website of betraying its fans in order to appease the music industry according to the Telegraph. Some technology experts warn that YouTube’s long term future could be in jeopardy if they continue to alienate their users. On a funnier note, “YouTube could bring back a new era in silent pictures,” said Greg Sandoval, a correspondent for Cnet. (Telegraph)
  • More acts may abandon major music labels. Ryan Adams may leave Lost Highway Records as his own label said that a major-label deal is probably a bit restrictive for Ryan and that he’d be better served by being independent. Pearl Jam didn’t re-up the album-by-album deal with J Records that they signed in 2004 and will most likely self-release its next studio album. Metallica’s contract ended with Warner Brothers in September and Lars Ulrich hinted that the band may do things themselves. Lastly, 50 Cent explicitly stated he plans to go “Free agent” when he fulfills his contract with Interscope in February. (Billboard)
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