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Graveyard Club

Buzz Track: Into The Dark

The Graveyard Club has become a Kings favorite. In the fall of 2013, Graveyard Club recorded a batch of spooky, synth-laden 80’s pop songs in the basement of a 19th century mansion in St. Paul, MN. After the January 2014 release of their lo-fi first EP “Sleepwalk”, the quartet wrote and recorded their first album, “Nightingale” with Ed Ackerson at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. “Nightingale” was released in September of 2014, pushing the sound established on “Sleepwalk” into new directions while retaining some of the dark, haunted appeal. The LP featured singles “The Night is Mine”, and “Into the Dark”. Graveyard Club is an artist to watch.

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Steve Renni, Manager, Incubus

Steve Rennie, Founder, Renman Music & Business


He was an aspiring golf pro turned law student who went on to manage one of the most successful names in modern rock. Today he is inviting the entirety of the music industry into his office for some lively, and often deep, conversation. Through his web series, Renman Live, and his coursework at Renman U, Steve Rennie is preaching the truth of the music business and trying to share all he has learned with the next generation of managers and industry professionals.

We caught up with Steve Rennie to find out what a good education really is when it comes to the music business and what people really need to know to make it.

 What do you think has been the biggest pivotal moment in the industry just since you got started 36 years ago?

Definitely, without question, the advent of the internet. That changed so many things about the way we do business. It didn’t change the core of what the music business is. It’s actually much simpler than people want to make it. It’s about great songs and great performances. Without that, there is no music business. The internet hasn’t changed that. How you make the songs, distribute, promote, listen, buy, experience has changed dramatically and in that change you see all the worst instincts of the music business- fear, insecurity, politics…all of that playing. And that’s what contributed to the general anxiety of the music business. It was always there, but has been heightened by the internet. It’s hard to believe things could be crazier.

Do you think it’s harder or easier for artists to get noticed these days?

Before the internet, artists had to find a way to get the attention of the label guys. Bands started playing the Troubadour or the Whiskey and little scenes developed. The only way for business types to plug into that scene was to go to clubs. Or artists would go to lawyers or managers and try to get insider status. That’s where the action happens. They were face to face connections, eyeball to eyeball. Now with the internet, artists have new ways to make money and new ways to present themselves to the industry in a much more complete way. They have photos and videos and websites and can make a more complete presentation.  They have more control over that first impression. CONTINUE READING

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The Bourgeois

Brand new music from Kings favorite, The Bourgeois, which are a punk-influenced alternative rock band from Tulsa, OK. The new record “Smoke And Mirrors” was produced by Lior Goldenberg (Rancid, Marilyn Manson). To date they have released an EP and a single, with the new record dropping November 11th. They have performed with bands such as Sick Puppies, OK Go, Cold War Kids and AWOLNation. Check out the new video Smoke and Mirrors.

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Playing at a music festival can be the highlight of any band’s career, and it can be a sign that you’ve made it big. Music festivals have become quite popular in all areas of the world, but there are still some festivals that are more prominent. TomorrowWorld, Coachella, and Glastonbury are some that immediately come to mind, but the Leeds Festival is one more that’s of note.

The Leeds Festival is the younger brother of the Reading Festival, the oldest popular music festival still in existence. These two festivals take place over the course of one weekend, sharing the same bill. Big names continue to play at these local bands, including classics like Blink 182, Jimmy Eat World, and Arctic Monkeys. After going through some changes in format, however, these festivals have also begun to include lesser known acts in their side stages.

Last year, the Leeds and Reading Festivals featured the talented Reeps One, a vocal powerhouse whose beatboxing talents have continued to amaze producers and recording companies. Although beatboxing is yet to see the recognition that it deserves, the Leeds and Reading Festivals are giving this contemporary genre a new home. CONTINUE READING

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The Iron Heart is a hard hitting rock band from California with an energetic rhythm section and soaring guitars, delivering a signature sound that has been described as “the new rock n roll”. The band has just wrapped recording at Dave Grohl’s Studio 606 with Producer Jason Carmer (Third Eye Blind, The Donnas, Run DMC). Salon Des Refuses, the bands first full length album will be released in 2015. They can draw nicely in such venues including The Uptown Theatre in Napa, Bottom of The Hill SF., and Uptown Nightclub in Oakland. They performed the first Bottle Rock Festival in Napa with The Black Keys and The Kings of Leon. Check out the track “The Only One“.

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