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After thirteen years, Guns N’ Roses new album ‘Chinese Democracy’ has leaked on the internet.

Idolator says the entire album leaked within the last 24 hours lighting up Rapidshare and BitTorrent sites while causing lots of headaches for the Internet police.

Posted in New York Daily Mag, “How is it? Well, these are pretty much the same songs we’ve been listening to for the past six years, so if you liked that static-y MP3 of “I.R.S.” you downloaded in 2003, you’ll probably really like the cleaned-up version.”

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Tom Oakes and Kyle Lobeck who go by the name More Amor held themselves up in a tiny Los Angeles apartment and wrote 14 beat-driven songs that were eventually produced by Mike Green. Sure, beat-driven electronic filled tracks can lose their luster quickly but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy the infectious tracks like Same Damn Song and OB Forever that are accompanied by hooky choruses and harmonies. I would love see to see this duo assemble a real band, but for now, you can purchase their self released album on iTunes.

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Former Nirvana manager Danny Goldberg On Kurt Cobain: “He’s the most talented person I ever worked with because he was talented in so many different ways. He’s a guitar player and a lead singer and he wrote all the songs. He did everything for Nirvana that it took Jimmy Page and Robert Plant to do for Led Zeppelin. Kurt also designed the album covers and wrote treatments for the videos. He even designed the t-shirts.” Check out the full interview here.

Guns N’ Roses new track titled Better can be heard here. The unmixed and extended version of this track has been floating around the net for at least a year. This track is better (no pun intended) than Chinese Democracy and finds itself closer to the early days of eighties glam.

The Leakers: The entire Britney Spears album that is scheduled to hit streets on December 2nd has leaked online. The entire album can be heard and found on multiple links on Youtube. Her last album leaked as well.

50 Cent’s new album “Before I Self Destruct’ which was suppose to come out during the Christmas Holiday has been pushed back to 2009. Interscope says the artist was “rushing” to meet the December date but “with the deadline to secure advertising and retail placement for the album imminent,” the rapper opted to wait until next year. Other sources say the real reason for the delay is that the lead single “Get Up” failed to react with radio and listeners.

Unreleased Beatles Track? An unreleased Beatles track could be made public after 41 years. It was recorded at Abbey Road Studios and McCartney has the master. Before the track is released, McCartney needs the green light from Ringo Starr and the estates of Lennon.

Hollywood Scales Back Parties: The economic crisis has ripped through Hollywood and partygoers can expect less Eggnog this Christmas Season. Some big companies have canceled their annual celebrations all together while others like Disney and Universal will be scaling down.

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The reviews are starting to come in for the new album by Nickelback titled Dark Horse that hits stores tomorrow.

Rolling Stone Mag says, “What’s a poor rock band to do when your last album sold 8 million copies at a time when nobody buys CDs anymore? You can hire a guy who produced AC/DC, Def Leppard and Shania Twain albums that sold even more.

New York Times says, “For the first time Nickelback is produced by Mutt Lange (AC/DC, Shania Twain), who has nudged from the band a tougher sound more suited to its inner louse. But he couldn’t fully jolt the band out of its comfort zone. Sprinkled throughout this album are vintage Nickelback songs, the brooding slow burners that have defined the band.

The Boston Herald says, “The good news? It’s the Canadian band’s least-boring record yet. Between the stupid lyrics and obnoxious glossy ’80s production, there are actually hooks and legit riffs here.

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Some of the biggest releases this year came from rock artists and metal acts including Metallica, Slipknot, and AC/DC. Sure, these monsters of rock released solid albums and will be backed with near sold out tours, but where are the disciples?

Listen to The Treatment and Wonderful Life by Death Pilot. The Hollywood, California band should be releasing a record shortly which was produced by Dirty Icon Productions and co-produced by Tomo Milicevic (30 Seconds to Mars).

Nov 19     The VooDoo Lounge – San Jose, California
Nov 22     The Fire Escape -  Citrus Heights, California
Dec 15     The Key Club -  West Hollywood, California

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