Up and comer Marana Blake released a new single Fun For The Summer. It’s very reminiscent of her debut single California Waves – atmospheric and trancey. Think Lana Day Rey meets Radiohead. Although she may be musically inspired by Del Rey do you really want to know how she feels about her? Find her post on Instagram and read her long tirade about singer. The singer songwriter was born in Chicago before venturing Southwest.

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Kings favorite Lee Cole and the heartbreak track I Don’t Wanna Wait popped on South Africa’s on Spotify’s Viral 50. Spending time between NY and South Africa, the singer-songwriter wrote and recorded the track last summer, shot the video in NJ, and released the track in Feb. The song which is climbing to 200k Spotify streams found itself on thousands of personalized playlists while landing on Apple’s Heartbreak Pop Playlist. I think we are going to see a resurgence in melancholic and heartbreak songs. Lewis Capaldi’s mega hit Someone You Loved exceeded a 1 billion streams.

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Newcomers Limón Limón dropped another really cool track Frozen Lemonade. It was in March when I first heard of the duo and featured the good vibes track Normal Now. It’s nice to see a new artist drop two good tracks back to back. The Los Angele duo has garnered tastemaker support and landed on Spotify’s Indie Fresh Finds. Give it a stream on our Indie Invaders Playlist.

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If you like Walk The Moon & New Politics then give Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah by whatamess. The project has songwriters and producers Stephen Conley and Patrick Visa coming together. Based in Los Angeles the duo explains the song rather simply, ” We wrote this song about liking to stay inside rather than going out, but asking your significant other to pull you out to do fun things. In summation – When I say “stop”. Don’t slow down. When I say “no”. Just say YEAH.

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I really like Help by Nashville based singer songwriter Nia Hendricks. It’s deep, not shallow, lets call it thoughtful pop. It works great for a sad playlist. I threw it on our Indie Invaders Playlist but it’s not a melancholic playlist, it has a mix of everything. Indie invaders is the 2020 answer to Spotify’s Fresh Finds. As far as Nia Hendrick, the track Help is her third release of 2020, details how difficult it can be to ask for help when we need it the most. A new five-song EP is in the works. Give it a stream.

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