Lewis Capaldi scored his second #1 Top 40 song with “Before You Go”. In his own words, he’s an official two hit wonder.

The Scotland singer-songwriter says, ““I’m still here, with no signs of leaving.”

Where is Capaldi now? He’s home with his parents locked up.

“They both spend long days at work and come home to their 23-year-old son, who’s essentially unemployed at this point, to see him in his underwear, cheesy Doritos all over his stomach,” he explains. “It’s not a pretty sight to come home to after a long day of working hard.”
There is big change of plans now that he has two #1 hits.

He told Billboard, “To be honest with you, I’m extremely angry,” he jokes, “because I just approved a whole line of merch that was all, ‘Lewis Capaldi: Your Favorite One-Hit Wonder.’ So we’re gonna lose out on a lot of money from this.”
Such first world problems.

In all seriousness, he deserves it. He has a ridiculous voice, works hard, and isn’t afraid to take chances musically and professionally.


It was reported that TikTok would suffer its final fate today. That’s right. Last week it was reported that a deal couldn’t be reached and that TikTok would be banned today. Ironically, 12 hours later Trump Ok’d the Oracle and Walmart deal.

After months of going back and forth, Oracle and Walmart will form a new entity called TikTok Global, which will be headquartered in the United States. The whole point of this was to get TikTok out of the hands of China. India also banned the Chinese owned app.
Can China still use the app for spying on Americans? Well, Chinese tech company ByteDance is expected to hold its majority-ownership position, so skeptics are unsure.
Oracle will host all of TikTok’s U.S. user data and will safeguard TikTok’s computer systems “to ensure U.S. national security requirements are fully satisfied,” TikTok said in a statement.
There you have it. TikTok is saved and get ready for the new dance challenge.


Spotify has launched a global RADAR hub on the platform which will contain playlists, new releases and exclusive content featuring RADAR artists. Spotify launched the artist program 6 months ago that highlights rising artists around the globe.
The folks at Spotify are touting Radar Artists as a huge success. The artists have collectively generated over 2 billion streams and 112 million listeners across 102 countries. They have cumulatively generated more than 8 million followers since the launch.
Spotify’s Andy Sloan-Vincent says the RADAR hub is designed to further the program’s mission to break local artists on a global scale. “What we’re starting to see — we’ve seen it with K-pop — [is that] fans aren’t necessarily listening to just the music of their home language anymore,” he says. “They’re starting to listen to artists from completely different geographies, speaking different languages.”


The time has come. The Trump admin will ban the Chinese owned TikTok and WeChat on the app stores on Sunday. China banned Google, Facebook, YouTube and WhatsApp. We are venturing into a new frontier. Countries are creating apps, targeting users, and weaponizing them for political purposes.

Earlier in the week it was reported that American company Oracle was going to buy TikTok.
India banned TikTok while Australia have been critics of the app. China is collecting data from American users that is streamlined to the Chinese government.

WeChat is the most popular in China. It’s used as a chat app, a payment platform, and a news source. It’s used to monitor the citizens and is a conduit for Chinese propaganda and surveillance.
Now lets be clear. It’s not an outright ban. TikTok will still function but users won’t have access to updates and upgrades.
Will TikTok ultimately go away? Most definitely not. A deal will be made eventually, it’s just taking slower then expected.


Kanye has the moves, he has the motion and he only needs himself to cause a commotion. Kanye’s been busy, very busy blowing up Twitter that he got banned. Why? Who knows. He posted several artist agreements he had with Universal Music and urged every lawyer in the world to look at the agreements. Maybe Twitter thought it was an invasion of private policy. Regardless, instead of locking people out of an account, they need a new rule that allows users to rectify the situation without being banned. Kanye has a bigger voice than the ordinary a folk, and people came to his defense with a hashtag #freeYe.
He also posted a video of someone urinating on a Grammy Award and called the music industry and sports a modern day slave plantation.
This is obviously a ploy to get out his agreement with Universal. Kanye says he can afford to buy his masters and that his children will own them, not somebody’s else’s children.
Despite the cancel culture, Kanye insists he won’t be muted or cancelled and I still don’t know why Twitter locked himself out of his account. That needs to stop and I’m convinced we are heading toward the day when the average citizen or notable artist doesn’t have to live in fear with being deplatformed.

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