The Haunt released the uptempo rock song “I Don’t Like The Quiet“. The track brings back memories of the early 2000s when alternative rock and black eyeliner dominated the music scene.

The Haunt, co-founded by Anastasia Grace Haunt and her brother Maxamillion “Max” Haunt, is an alternative music project with a gothic vibe, electronic touches, and cinematic drama. Their latest EP, “Do Not Resuscitate,” was released in 2024 with Nettwerk Music Group.

“Our sibling mind-reading is a big factor in how we work together,” Max observes. “I can understand what Anastasia wants to communicate musically, because we’ve been living in the same house since she was born and creating music together since she was 11. There’s nothing like our connection.”

“We can argue, say whatever we want to say to each other, and then reconvene a few minutes later on the same page,” Anastasia laughs. “He’s stuck with me, so it makes it easier on the both of us to write music.”

When Anastasia was just 12, she began playing gigs and teaming up with her older brother. In 2018, they started The Haunt. Their song “Cigarettes & Feelings” became a fan favorite with over 14 million Spotify streams. In 2021, the “Love You Better” from their Social Intercourse EP got over 3 million Spotify streams. They performed with bands like Palaye Royale and The Struts. In 2023, their Dead On Arrival EP got over 3 million streams.

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Sean Waters and the Sunrise Genius have released the infectious track “Put Up a Bet“. This indie pop tune blurs the lines between folk and pop, and is perfect for fans of Fleet Foxes, The Decemberists, and Bon Iver.

The track could find a spot on Spotify’s Playlists like Indie Pop, Indie Folk, Folk & Friends, Acoustic Hits, Fresh Folk, Indie Chillout, Indie All Stars, Folk Favourites.

Growing up in Colorado in the 1980s with hippie parents, Sean Waters earned master’s degrees in philosophy and education. He played in the jam-rock band Wasabi and the indie-folk duo the Seers, known for their hard work in the region.

After performing in over a thousand shows for eighteen years, Waters got his big break in 2019. L.A.-based producer Justin Andres, known for working with Eric Burdon & the Animals, liked Waters’ demos. Waters went to L.A. to record “Easy Graces,” his first solo single, praised for its grounded and poetic style.

“Easy Graces” became popular on hype-machine, with bloggers noting its haunting quality about feeling misunderstood in a world focused on likes. In early 2020, Waters headlined a sold-out hometown show and signed a deal with Syncopate Media. During the pandemic, he focused on songwriting, studio work, and videography while teaching writing remotely at Colorado State University.

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Smallpools, an indie rock trio, have started off 2024 with their new uptempo single “Night Shift“, making it the perfect upbeat rocker.

The band says, “Sometimes we get stuck in a routine that we can’t break out of. The nightshift provides a comfortable anonymity, but we wanna find more. Will we bring to life a dream that still lingers within or remain in this loop that is the nightshift,”

Smallpools first made waves with their catchy debut song, “Dreaming,” which went RIAA Certified Gold. The track quickly climbed the Hype Machine chart and got support from alternative radio stations across the country. They appeared on popular late-night shows like Late Night with Seth Meyers and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The band dropped their well-received first album, LOVETAP!, in 2015. They followed it up with two EPs, “The Science of Letting Go” (2017) and “So Social” (2019), and their second full-length album, “Life in a Simulation,” in 2021. With just two albums and two EPs, Smallpools has racked up over 400 million streams.

For the past seven years, Smallpools has been on the road, performing sold-out headline tours and opening for Twenty One Pilots, Walk the Moon, Neon Trees, Grouplove, and Two Door Cinema Club. They’ve also rocked major festivals like Lollapalooza, Firefly, and Summerfest.

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Casey Austin Allen has just released a new song called “Calming Myself Down“. The song is a perfect combination of rock, indie, and electronic music. It is a great rock anthem that would be perfect for a team walking onto the field. That track could find a home on Spotify’s Roch This and New Noise Playlists.

Hailing from North Carolina, Casey’s music doesn’t stick to one genre. He’s played pop, metal, indie, rock, and folk, bringing a mix of styles. His goal is straightforward: write songs about everyday emotions that everyone can connect with. As he puts it in an interview, “If I’m happy, I don’t write music; I just enjoy the moment. But when things get tough, music is how I cope.”

In the past, Casey drummed for a metal band called Embracing Goodbye, signed to Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s label in 2010. He was also part of Season & Snare, a folk-pop duo that got a Shorty Award in 2016, catching the attention of Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. Now, Casey is stepping out on his own, planning to release singles in late 2023 and early 2024, with his first album dropping in 2024.

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Tessa Rae has released “Secret Language“, a lo-fi song that takes you on a psychedelic trip reminiscent of 90’s Mazzy Star.

Tessa Rae, a native of California, moved from Oakland to Los Angeles early in life. Growing up in a family of creatives who founded Wasteland clothing stores, she was surrounded by fashion and music. Her dad’s vinyl and mom’s vintage rock t-shirt collections shaped her diverse taste.

Tessa’s music is a mix of personal storytelling and unique melodies. Featured in various platforms like Pigeons & Planes and Alternative Press, her latest release, “Secret Language,” is an experimental acoustic ballad. The song explores the idea of a romance that never happens, looking at it from her future self’s perspective. It’s a glimpse into her world of bittersweet emotions. This release comes ahead of her debut project in 2024, “Sweetly, Softly.”

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