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Check out the the debut track So it Goes by San Diego singer-songwriter Norii. The beautiful melancholic power ballad clocks at 3:25. It’s her debut track too. Sometimes artists write their first song and it happens to be the most special song they I ever wrote. Why? because all that pent up emotions they had throughout the years goes into that song.” I wrote ‘So It Goes’ to figure out why I was so torn up about a breakup that I instigated. The truth of it is, I felt more in the breakup than I ever did during the relationship, and writing this song was my process of understanding that,” said Norii. Check out the video here.


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Look out for DYLYN and the new track uptempo rock track Call Me What You Want. Due for a much needed genre update, this is how modern rock should sound. “I’ve been spending the current zombie apocalypse on a rural property on the outskirts of Toronto, listening to Black Sabbath, and making demonic masks for my band to wear in the official video,” DYLYN says in an email blast. This Canadian songstress should be headlining the Wisconsin “Herd Immunity Festival” in July because no doubt that the coronavirus will lose its potency after a 30 minute set.

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The world is divided in two categories. Mask On vs. Mask Off. Stay Inside vs Open Up. This is a fine example of Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’ – the preservation of the human race in the struggle for life.

With that, the world’s first “herd immunity festival” is taking place next month in July – a 3 day festival in Wisconsin. But you know what? It’s a rock festival. Performing are Static-X, Nonpoint, Dope, Bobaflex, and Royal Bliss. Those acts don’t care about status quo because rock isn’t on the forefront of popular culture. Rock still has die hard fans though and fans will  show up. Those acts don’t have handlers asking them to post memes and jumping on a weekly bandwagon. If they receive backlash, they don’t care.

The event makes no mention of social distancing measures which means people won’t socially distance. This may be a good ice breaker for future music festivals. Also, when tens of thousands of protestors gathered in West Hollywood it didn’t create a spike in new Cov19 cases. The organizers definitely looked at the data.

Newsweek: ‘No Evidence’ Black Lives Matter Protests Caused COVID-19 Spike: Study

C’mon, Herd Immunity Festival? That’s clever marketing. You are inviting people to contract the virus.
The “herd immunity” theory allows the virus to spread through the population quickly. That’s Sweden’s approach – no lockdown measures, no social distancing – let’s all get this and get this thing over with.

Who knows? Maybe it will be rock that kills the virus.

As AC/DC pointed out…

Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t noise pollution
Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t gonna die
Rock ‘n’ roll ain’t noise pollution
Rock ‘n’ roll it will survive (yes it will)

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Check out the new uptempo track Friends released by singer-songwriter  Lima. Think Jessie J meets Cher Lloyd. Lisa Maria goes under the moniker of Lima and hails from Vienna, Austria. She notes, “For me, the new song is an absolute mood-maker. In quarantine, I looked for motivation and inspiration. Give the track a stream.

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Imagine getting a call from Taylor Swift? That’s what happened to  Zoe Jordan, the 19 year old from South London.  She was inspired to pursue music after Taylor Swift reached out to her during a rough time a school. She just released the debut track  What Are We? which was co-written with Brendan Cleary, (Tim Van Werd, Wideboys, Alice Merton) and Lisa Sanchez and produced by Sanchez with Chris Hewitt (Ed Sheeran, Newton Faulkner, Calvin Harris)

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