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Can Amazon compete with Spotify? Nope. Amazon is the epitome of uncool like Wal-Mart. Amazon isn’t a brand, Spotify is. That’s why Spotify is the top digital streaming platform because it branded itself with artists. Amazon has not. Even though Amazon has created a bully brand running around with slogans like “We are the last company anyone wants to compete with”, it’s tough to compete with Spotify’s monthly active users that reached 248 million with total revenue at $1.7 billion. Plus, Spotify is ahead of the curve. The company started investing in podcast content. Spotify continues to do well and has little to worry about, even though Amazon is raising its fists claiming to be the new market leader.

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The artist-to-watch Olivia Somerlyn aka LIVVIA just dropped the catchy single Say It which is about speaking your mind. Even though the pop market is a bit overcrowded, the 25 year old is cut from a different cloth. The track has been added to Spotify’s Brand New Chill, Chilled Pop Hits and Apple’s Music Teen Pop Hits. Moreover, she grabbed the opening support slot for Jonas Brothers during the UK & Ireland run. Give it a stream.

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The Biebs (RBMG/Def Jam) is going all out with a new album, a single, a YouTube series, and now a new tour. Bieber will drop his new album Changes on Valentines Day. He also announced a Live Nation produced north American tour that has Kehlani and Jaden Smith supporting. The tour kicks off at Seattle’s CenturyLink Field. Tickets go on sale on Feb. 14 at

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Fly By Midnight released the track “The Ad Above Your Head”.  This is the first track release from the NYC based pop duo since they ventured out into Los Angeles. Although the duo has met with a variety of labels, they are still independent. They wrapped up 2019 with 5M Spotify streams, 100k listeners, and a the single Lovely (feat. Betty Who)” which premiered on Spotify’s Chill Hits and Love Pop. Give it a stream.

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Spotify viral artist Ant Saunders joins the 100 million streams club with the track Yellow Hearts. The New Jersey hip-hop artist says in an instagram post:

There’s just no way this number is real…..if you were to tell me 3 months ago that this song I made on FL Studio on my computer at home would get me a HUNDRED MILLION streams on @spotify alone, I would’ve thought you were on crack. I’ve honestly been waiting for a moment like this to happen for such a long time—I’d been making covers and posting them everywhere since the beginning of time and nothing ever really came of it. Then, I guess I came to the realization that that’s how it was supposed to be. It allowed me to continue working on my craft so that I’d be ready to be recognized. This number right here is a mark that represents all the work I’ve put in to make my dream come true. To all the aspiring artists out there, I know it’s hard, but your moment is bound to come. If it happened to me, it can happen to you. Thank you 💛. Also..

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