Singer-songwriter Lila Dupont just released a new song called “Dance and Smoke and Sing,” reminiscent of the 90s, which fans of indie pop will love. She wrote it while she was sick and going through a breakup.

Dupont says, “The song is about wanting to leave a place and a person behind in order to start a new life…I used to have a lot of trouble walking away from certain situations, so I loved the process of writing this song because in a way it became a self-realization that I have the freedom to do what I want.”

The New York native is now based in England, where she’s collaborating with Grammy-winning producer Scott Jacoby on her next few singles. Check out the video here.

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Jady, the Alt-Pop Duo from Columbus, Ohio, Preps for Sophomore Album: ‘Napalm'”

They embarked on this project shortly after releasing their debut album, with the goal of grappling with the expectations set before them. As their music grew, so did their anxiety and the pressure to satisfy their audience. Each song in the project provided a glimpse into their experiences during the past year, shedding light on the highs and lows of starting a band and the ongoing internal struggle of whether compromising their artistic vision was worth it for success. They chose a haunted house as the central symbol of the album, continuing the narrative from their previous work, “The Haze.”

Jady is a rising Alt-Pop Duo from Columbus, Ohio. It all began when 19-year-old Jarrett Doherty, who had just finished touring with his longtime friends Twenty One Pilots, decided to form the band. Twenty One Pilots has played a crucial role in helping them develop their music. In just one year, Jady released their first album “The Haze,” which blends different musical styles. They’ve also sold out shows in Columbus, Cleveland, and Nashville in front of over 200 people, opened for Jay Joseph and Arrested Youth (in Jay’s band) on tour, and their debut album has garnered over 1 million streams across various music platforms. They are the fastest-growing band to come out of Columbus this year. This fall, they’re going on a nationwide tour with The Astronomers, releasing their second album called “Napalm,” and have booked a headlining show in their hometown with a capacity of 1,400 people.

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Bay Area rockers French Cassettes return with their third new single in three years ‘Medium Horny‘.

Probably one of the strangest songs we’ve ever written, but the only hiccup was when I told the band the name of the song and I remember there was a full three seconds of pause,” vocalist Lorenzo Scott Huerta shares of the new song, which is called “Medium Horny,” “Then we got to work.”

The song explores mental health seriously, and the music is like a dreamy pop song with acoustic guitars. . “[It] started as just finger shapes I liked the look of on my guitar,” Huerta confesses. “But truth be told the inspiration is split into four of my favorite songwriters: The first verse is Johnny Marr, middle section is Jeff Lynne and Bill Evans, the outro is Elliott Smith. I’ve never heard a full Evans song in my life, I don’t think, but I’ve heard he does ‘chord solos’ and I loved that idea so I wrote a guitar solo of just strummed chords. When we recorded it, I tried to re-record the guitars, and our guitarist Mackenzie asked ‘Why?’ Which was a good point. So we just kept the demo guitars.”

The music video for the song gets even weirder. Director Syra McCarthy was allowed to turn a dream from their childhood into a video that goes along with the song. “From ages seven to 15 I had this recurring dream that this suave alien named Charles would fly down from the sky in a cool car, park in front of my house, and charm my neighbors and family into coming home with him, even offering me my favorite Tootsie Pop (cherry)—but I was never sold,” McCarthy explains. “Listening to ‘Medium Horny,’ the psychedelic sad-boy sway made me think of (yes) the literal meaning, but also, Charles. How easily we can feel so numb and unsatisfied on the day to day, and how easily someone like Charles could seduce us with ‘happiness’ capitalism.

Check out the video here

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Francis On My Mind is back with a brand new single ‘This Is My Time’, released via Universal Music Romania.

“This Is My Time” is very special to me, a song I’ve recently written while I was in Tallin. I wrote every verse crying and longing for childhood, until I realized that it’s ok to be a child at any age, I just needed to learn how to embrace my inner child.”

The indie-pop singer-songwriter merges pop melodies with ’80s influences and a hint of electronic. After her debut single, “On My Mind,”, Francis continued with “Never Be The Same.”

She dropped her third single, “Summer,” and in 2021, she kicked off the year with a cover of Dua Lipa’s popular hit, “Don’t Start Now,”.

“I create my own universe through my music. I let myself often slip into melancholy. Melancholy opens a gate to marvelous lands where your imagination can build everything you desire. Like Alice in Wonderland, for me, melancholy is the door to the realm where everything is possible, and no rules apply. And in that realm I get to create my songs, my music”.

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Singer Songwriter Ella Eliza releases the new songs The Art Of Letting Go.

Ella Eliza is a musician originally from Germany, now based in North West London. She’s a singer, songwriter, plays multiple instruments, and produces her music. Her first EP called ‘INTROSPECTION’ got noticed by music blogs like Wonderland, Dummy, and Earmilk. Spotify and BBC Music Introducing London also supported her. She recently had a sold-out concert at Notting Hill Arts Club, headlined at The Grace, and opened for artists like Salt Ashes and Nonô in London. BBC Radio 1’s Gemma Bradley also praised her. Ella’s new single

Speaking on the release, Ella states: ‘This first single from my upcoming EP is about a very relatable, widely dealt with topic: living with anxiety. What makes this song different than all the other songs about mental health out there is that it’s written in a fun, quirky and upbeat kind of way – I mention my to do list of things I try to get through in order get rid of anxiety in the chorus before ultimately coming to the conclusion that anxiety is best handled by letting things go instead of adding things onto your plate. Anxiety is normal and instead of fighting it to go away it is much more manageable when accepted and embraced.’

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