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Leah Kate impresses with the fun and upbeat track Bad Idea.  Flying under the radar the NY/LA based artist has clocked 1 Million+ streams on Spotify, performed at both London and New York Fashion Week and garnered support from Clash, Dancing Astronaut, Earmilk, Ladygunn, and NYLON.  Word on the street is the week Leah got fired from her job is when things started happening like landing on Spotify’s New Music Friday on Spotify. Give it a listen on KOAR’s Indie Invaders.

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Look out for Elle Hollis because the 23 year old electro pop artist is onto something. For real, she released the infectious pop track Onto Something. Hailing from Netherlands her music leans more Scandinavian pop. Think Astrid S. She inked a pub deal with Warner Chappell and landed on Spotify playlists including Made In NL. Give it a stream.

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I know it’s tough, but I turned off the news for a week. I was more creative. I thought by watching the news 24 hours a day that I was keeping myself informed, rather I was being propagandized. Here is a song lyric – turn off the news and your life will improve. The media will leave you feeling pessimistic, and overwhelmed. Why watch the news when its sole purpose is to ruin your day? The news will zap your creativity and feeling empty.

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Look out for Elias Boussinina and his track Pinewood.  It will relax you. Think Maroon 5 meets The Weeknd. The Danish-Tunisian artist has landed on a bunch of Spotify playlists including Chill Hits. Again, I really like the track and now I want to visit Denmark because he says the country plays a big part in my music. Give it a stream on Indie Invaders playlist.

      MORE Indie Invaders

Digrasso, 24 year old Pop/EDM producer from Stockholm nails it with the track ‘Make It Last’. It’s pure pop ear candy pop. The track was produced and written by Digrasso himself. The inspiration for the song came from the 1987 heavy metal song ‘’Wild Side’ by Mötley Crue. I honestly can’t hear and similarities but if “Wild Side” birthed another great song, so be it. Give it a listen.

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