Fairview, a dream pop duo known for their unique blend of country, pop, and folk, has recently released their acoustic song titled “Back Then.”

Fairview revealed that “Back Then” was inspired by their desire to reminisce about their parents. During the pandemic, the duo found solace in watching movies and listening to music, exploring both their personal favorites and classic films they had yet to experience. It was during one such movie night that Lizzy, after watching “Pretty Woman” for the first time, reached out to her mother, who revealed that she had seen the film at the same age. This sparked a fire within Fairview – their parents had once been young like them, leading similar lives and experiencing parallel emotions. The song delves into the idea of how their lives intersected with their parents’ during their respective youth, reflecting on shared experiences, fashion trends, and familiar places.

As the duo continued to develop “Back Then,” they stumbled upon old photographs of their parents in their younger days. These images resonated deeply, as they discovered striking similarities in appearance and witnessed the cyclical nature of fashion trends from the ’80s and ’90s. Additionally, Fairview expressed how they still frequent the same towns and restaurants that their parents grew up in, further igniting the question in their minds – would they have been friends if they had known their parents back then?

Fairview plans to complete a mixtape or album, showcasing their growth as artists and their evolving sound. The duo has dedicated this summer to songwriting, with a goal of releasing a full body of work by the end of the year. In the meantime, they plan to unveil several singles, including their latest release, “Back Then.”

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Pink Skies, the psychedelic-pop project led by ARIEH BERL, has just released their latest single, “Reality/Nostalgia,” a psychedelic slow jam that transports listeners to the ethereal landscapes of California. If you’re a fan of Tame Impala, The Flaming Lips, or MGMT, this track is for you.

Originally hailing from the Bay Area, California, Pink Skies emerged onto the music scene by sharing old home recordings, which showcased their distinct production style. Influenced by a diverse range of artists such as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Ocean, Flume, and Tame Impala, Pink Skies has crafted a sound that blends elements of psychedelic rock, pop, chill wave, and electronic music.

The release of their debut EP, “Does It Really Matter,” in 2018 resonated with listeners, establishing Pink Skies as a promising artist. Their momentum continued with the release of the space-themed concept album, “SPECTRA,” which garnered attention and placements on notable playlists like New Music Friday, Fresh Finds, Modern Psychedelia, Sunshine Surf, Indie Pop, and All New Indie.

Known for their kaleidoscopic live performances, Pink Skies has shared the stages with renowned acts such as Cannons, The Knocks, Neil Frances, Goth Babe, Day Wave, Del Water Gap, Tim Atlas, Boy Pablo, and TV Girl. Additionally, Pink Skies has made a name for themselves as a sought-after producer, having worked with esteemed artists like 6LACK, SAINT JHN, and KHALID. Notably, their production contributions to 6LACK’s “East Atlanta Love Letter” resulted in two gold records for Pink Skies.

Pink Skies is gearing up to release a new album in July 2023 through Cosmic Jelly.

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CeCe Vee has just released her latest single titled “Holiday,” a lively electro-pop song that expresses a yearning to break free from the mundane aspects of life. Accompanying the track is a cinematic and fun music video.

CeCe has quickly been establishing herself as a rising artist. These songs, “Dysfunctional” and “Wild Hearts,” earned her a coveted spot on JOOX’s New Pop Hits playlist. Additionally, she has garnered attention from both local and international music blogs, received radio airplay, achieved chart success, and scored in on-air interviews with major South African radio stations like 5FM and Jacaranda FM, among others. Notable career highlights include the use of her single “Wild Hearts” in an episode of the American TV series Good Trouble, as well as a nomination for Artist of the Year in the public-voted category at the South African Music Awards (SAMA).

CeCe’s musical style balances a retro 80s influence with modern alternative pop, resulting in her distinctive sound. She is known for exploring a diverse range of lyrical themes in her music, delving into darker social commentary with tracks like “Funeral for the World,” while also offering more personal and introspective pieces such as “Self-Doubt.”

Her music oscillates between playful and heartrending, featuring upbeat melodies, captivating lyrics, and an enchanting blend that can easily captivate listeners.

With her highly anticipated second EP on the horizon, CeCe Vee has already amassed a considerable following. Her music has been featured on notable Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday South Africa, GLOW, and SAlt, with the latter even granting her the honor of being featured on the playlist cover. With her unique and captivating alternative pop prowess, CeCe Vee is poised to conquer the world of music.

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LA-based Artist SMILEZ Drops Genre-Bending Album ‘Ur In My World‘, Blending Hip-Hop and Punk Rock with Unforgettable Results

With the release of his latest album ‘Ur In My World’, SMILEZ proves to be a game-changer in the music industry. Combining the raw energy of punk rock with the infectious beats of hip-hop, the album delivers a unique and fresh sound. The lead single “Someday,” featuring a sample from The Strokes, instantly hooks listeners with its catchy melody that stays with you long after the song ends.

SMILEZ is making significant strides in his career, starting with a memorable performance on Genius’ ‘Open Mic.’ His new single is already gaining momentum, landing a spot on MTV’s ‘Brand Spanking New’ Playlist and earning recognition as a ‘Feature Track’ by Rolling Stone. His music bridges the gap between garage/punk rock, early ’00s aesthetics, and modern hip-hop. Collaborating with legendary figures like Snoop Dogg while sharing stages with punk rock bands demonstrates his versatility. Notably, SMILEZ is a DIY artist who self-produces, engineers, and directs his own music videos, further showcasing his artistic prowess. CONTINUE READING

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Andon has just released a captivating R&B track called “Love Language,” reminiscent of the smooth vocals and sensual choruses of Usher and Ne-Yo. Take a moment to listen to it and let it transport you back to those nostalgic days.

Pop artist Andon is always consumed by music, with melodies constantly playing in his mind and songs residing in his heart. His unwavering passion for music ensures that he never loses his drive to share his musical talent. Andon is a self-taught guitarist and has penned numerous unreleased songs, showcasing his creativity.

After years of auditioning, Andon finally got his big break in 2018 as a contestant on the popular Jamaican talent show, Digicel Rising Stars. Out of hundreds of aspiring singers, he secured a spot on the show and achieved an impressive 6th place finish overall. This experience further fueled his belief in himself and intensified his hunger to explore his musicality.

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