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I really like the debut track Get Out Alive from Canadian artist Alex Frew. Inspired by Bon Iver from Khalid, the 18 year old comes out of the box more or less like a seasoned artist. He notes, “I’m singing of a previous love lost, navigating my social anxiety and wondering if I’ll ever be the same again”. The track landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada and It’s a Bop. Give it a stream on Indie Invaders Playlist.

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Look out for Los Angeles/Boston pop artist Caye and the track Happy? It’s a cool track that comes off the  just released EP Isa. Before the new EP release he started making some noise while attending the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music. He played hundreds of shows, clocked nearly 46 million streams and collaborated  with Wiz Khalifa, and written and produced for artists like Alessia Cara and Meghan Trainor. He notes, “it would be dope to work with Anderson Paak, Chance The Rapper, J Cole, and Kendrick Lamar. If anyone can get Drake on a song, then they made it. So that would be dope too.”

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It’s hard to get into indie pop rock these days but easy to get into Whale City and the track Someone Else’s Eyes. They have a knack of writing ear worms and they take you back to yesteryear. The time when indie bands wrote big anthems. It’s not groundbreaking, but I really don’t care. Because you don’t need to break new grounds right now in a time like this.  You just need to comfort people. The German indie pop band also put a fantastic video together, give it a watch here. If you’re thinking where the band name came from, it’s named after a bakery along the California coast. Give it a stream on Indie Invaders playlist.

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Justin Bieber lawyered up and has filed a lawsuit over tweets by females that accused him of sexual assault. The pop singer has said the reports are fabrications and lies and more lies.

Danielle said Bieber sexually assaulted her in his hotel room at the Four Seasons in Austin, Texas, on March 9, 2014. Bieber said that never happened and offered evidence. A second female named Kadi posted that she believed Danielle and had been assaulted by Bieber in his hotel room at the Langham in New York on May 4, 2015.

The yummy yum singer alleges she’s a superfan who is “desperate for his attention and for fame” and he was at a Met Gala afterparty with dozens of celebrity witnesses when the assault allegedly happened.

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Check out the the debut track So it Goes by San Diego singer-songwriter Norii. The beautiful melancholic power ballad clocks at 3:25. It’s her debut track too. Sometimes artists write their first song and it happens to be the most special song they I ever wrote. Why? because all that pent up emotions they had throughout the years goes into that song.” I wrote ‘So It Goes’ to figure out why I was so torn up about a breakup that I instigated. The truth of it is, I felt more in the breakup than I ever did during the relationship, and writing this song was my process of understanding that,” said Norii. Check out the video here.


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