Estella Dawn has shifted course after releasing the raunchy track ‘Yes Chef’, dropping the blues song ‘Ain’t Like Me‘. It’s a perfect track for a smoky jazz cigar club.

Estella’s latest release draws inspiration from the soulful style of Amy Winehouse, Nora Jones, Sara Bareilles, Adele. The song was recorded at the end of a live session in the studio, giving it a raw and authentic feel. The musicians jamming in a live performance lends an easy groove to the song.

A singer, songwriter, and musician from New Zealand now living in the US, Estella writes, records, and helps produce all her songs. Her singing style is similar to popular artists like Sia, Adele, and Halsey, and her songwriting takes inspiration from artists like Billie Eilish and Lady Gaga.

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Emerging artist Jenna Roesller just dropped another hit called “Simulation“. This track features grunge production and is packed with attitude and angst, making it a must-listen for fans of alternative rock.

The song could be featured on Spotify playlists such as “Indie Rock Favorites”, “Alt Nation”, and “Sad Rock”.

“Simulation features more of my grunge side. I wanted this piece to be techy and sound like a video game. It’s different than what I usually write and that’s the whole fun of songwriting- getting to explore your sound and try new things!”

Jenna Roessler, an 18-year-old native of Fenton, MO, now based in Nashville, began her creative journey at just 5 years old, dancing and singing at recitals and school talent shows.

Despite the challenges posed by the ongoing global pandemic, Jenna managed to emerge stronger from an all-girls high school. She found solace in songwriting, blending indie and pop influences into her sound and sharing her life experiences through melodies. Currently, Jenna is in the studio preparing to release new music in the coming winter and spring. Keep an eye out for her as she takes center stage in writer rounds.

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JP Saxe, a multi-platinum GRAMMY-nominated singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, has released a new version of “Anywhere” featuring GRAMMY-nominated Mexican singer-songwriter Carla Morrison. If you’re in the mood for something sad and melancholic, give it a try.

The song would be a great fit for Spotify playlists such as “Sad Songs”, “Heartbreak Hits”, “Tearjerkers”, “Love Ballads”, “Acoustic Hits”, “Late Night Vibes”, “Broken Heart”, “Piano Ballads”, “Soulful Ballads”, and “In My Feelings”.

In the span of June to August 2019, JP Saxe unveiled the singles “Same Room” and “Women Who Look Like You.” Following these releases, he introduced “If the World Was Ending” as the lead single from his second EP and “Sad Corny Fuck” as the second single in February 2020. On February 7, 2020, he launched his second EP, “Hold It Together,” which reached number 53 on the Canadian Albums Chart. Saxe collaborated with Lennon Stella on the single “Golf on TV.” CONTINUE READING

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Kill Electric just released a new song called “Machines.” It has a cool indie feel, like bands Bloc Party and The Bravery. The music is lively, raw, and energetic, with catchy melodies and a touch of synth vibes. It brings back memories of the good times at NYC’s famous punk club, CBGB’s.

The song taps into the anxiety and fear of living in a modern world filled with deception, manipulation, surveillance, and conformity. It reflects on the realization that we’ve become passive consumers glued to our devices, neglecting to question what’s truly happening around us.

Kill Electric started in West London when singer Tye Rutherford, along with producer Patrick McMahon, put together a band. They brought in singer/bassist Jasmin O’Meara, drummer Denis LeBreton, and guitarist Tristan McGarrigle after chance meetings in London’s indie music scene spots. The band, settling on the name ‘Kill Electric,’ kicked off with energetic gigs that earned them standing ovations and crowd sing-alongs, establishing a strong connection with their audience. Influenced by 1980s UK and North American new wave, punk, and rock, but with a modern twist, the four-piece found their unique sound.

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youcallmecarla releases ‘Remember.’ It’s a good song, unique with well-crafted music production. The track takes you on a joy ride, coasting through different genres like indie pop, synth-pop, and alt-rock, reaching energetic highs but also diving into dark depths, and leveling off at chill moments.

“remember“ is my most personal song and a reflection on the complex relationship between me and my father, who struggled with mental health issues for as long as I can remember. It grapples with the changes in my father over time and the ultimate need to distance myself for my own well-being and freedom. It’s a tribute to the complex feelings that accompany such difficult family situations & conveys the mixed emotions of love, understanding, and pain.”

Carla Freude, a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Germany, started writing her own songs at 15 and hasn’t stopped since. Cara will drop new songs in the coming months.

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