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After a long hiatus, Adele is set to release new music. Most artists today rarely take a break from releasing music whereas the English singer is known to take long vacations between albums. Adele is the artist that likes to live life and truly channel her emotions through her songs. With a recent a split from her husband, it’s time to make some songs. According to a source, “She talks about last year as a very difficult year, and she’s said in the past that creating new music is almost like therapy. You can tell that she is ready to share with her fans.”

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Justin Bieber posted a long heartfelt message on his instagram page revealing the problems that  occur with being a child star and growing into adulthood. He goes onto say that he had no real like skills and starting using drugs as a way to cope. “Everyone did everything for me, so I never even learned the fundamentals of responsibility,” he wrote. “By this point, I was 18 with no skills in the real world, with millions of dollars and access to whatever I wanted.” Now married to Hailey Baldwin, the pop star says he is living the “best season” of his life.

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Here are a few big end of summer new releases. Post Malone dropped a new single Circles. The latest track comes off his next album Hollywood’s Bleeding, which drops September 6th (via Republic). Lana Del Rey has released a video for her Sublime cover ‘Doin’ Time’ and metal act Tool returns with the album Fear Inoculum.

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Look out for ZINN which is the moniker for Monique. She just released the fourth track Itch which completes her EP. She uses Cardi B’s manicurist – but she sounds nothing like the NJ rapper. Citing Bebe Rexha, Halsey, and Jessie Reyez as influences – her latest track is emotional.  ZINN tells Kings, “I want people to rise above the differences. Understand the fact we are different people and have different opinions yet we are in the same place”. She continues, “We have so much energy we put into the world and we waste it on anger”.

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Up and Coming artists Ren has two tracks on Spotify – Mind Games and Waves. The songs have accumulated over 2 million Spotify streams and was dubbed SoundCloud’s ‘Artist To Watch’. Check out the video which was directed by Lebni Thodakee, produced by Jonathan Coward, and features actor Cameron Kahin.

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