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The Academy of Country Music Awards scheduled for April 5 has been shuttered. It’s been re-scheduled for the fall now. Keith Urban was set to host the show with Dan + Shay and Maren Morris.

“The ACM Awards is a tentpole event for our Country Music industry, and the Academy of Country Music and dick clark productions went to great lengths to find a safe solution for the show to go on so that we can honor our artist community,” Damon Whiteside, CEO of the Academy of Country Music, said in a statement Sunday.

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How many black female artists rise in the country music scene?  I can’t think of any which is why I want to give a shout-out to Ashlie Amber. Check out the track Almost Love which is surprisingly good. I would like to see this Vegas-Nashville based artist tour with Lil Nas X, hence more rules are broken.  Mind you, the music landscape is really unconventional that outliers have a better shot than derivative acts.  Plus, the track hit 50K spotify streams in 2 months and she’s booked on via Celebrity Cruise Lines where she performs Whitney Houston songs. Give it a stream.

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Warner Music Group will close offices in the U.S and the U.K. starting Monday over COVID-19 fears. Universal Music Group will close on March 18th. The offices will be cleaned and disinfected by professional cleaning companies. Live Nation and AEG have postponed all of their current tours. Tours will be suspended by until the end of March.

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Did you see Elon Musk’s Tweet? He tweeted Coachella should postpone itself until it stops sucking. Musk also tweeted that the panic over the coronavirus was dumb and stupid. This confused lots of bloggers because they consider Musk a genius. But is Musk right? Is the panic over the COV-19 hype and panic? And what does this mean for the concert business? The performing arts world has taken a major blow. Pearl Jam, Miley Cyrus and Madonna also shuttered gigs over virus fears. If the panic continues, lots of businesses will fold.

Outside of pandemics, we  also have climate change fear that has effected the concert business. Coldplay is not touring because of climate change. Will other acts follow so the earth has a few years left to live?  Bloggers, politicians and journalists are telling folks that civilization has a few years left because of climate change.

Did you see the headline “Elon Musk Worries that SpaceX Won’t Get to Mars Before He Dies.”?

Musk and his buddies believe the only hope they have of living to the age of 65 is if we colonize Mars.

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We just added Normal Now by Limón Limón to the Kings Indie Invader Playlist. I’ve never heard of the act but I like the track. After I quick search I found out the duo is based in Los Angeles and have picked up tastemaker support with the release of their ‘west coast-good vibe’ electro tracks. The also landed on Spotify’s Indie Fresh Finds. That’s what I like, an artist spreading good vibes. I like to see vibes next to spreading rather than virus, because that all we hear today. Give it a stream.

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