Francis On My Mind is back with a brand new single ‘This Is My Time’, released via Universal Music Romania.

“This Is My Time” is very special to me, a song I’ve recently written while I was in Tallin. I wrote every verse crying and longing for childhood, until I realized that it’s ok to be a child at any age, I just needed to learn how to embrace my inner child.”

The indie-pop singer-songwriter merges pop melodies with ’80s influences and a hint of electronic. After her debut single, “On My Mind,”, Francis continued with “Never Be The Same.”

She dropped her third single, “Summer,” and in 2021, she kicked off the year with a cover of Dua Lipa’s popular hit, “Don’t Start Now,”.

“I create my own universe through my music. I let myself often slip into melancholy. Melancholy opens a gate to marvelous lands where your imagination can build everything you desire. Like Alice in Wonderland, for me, melancholy is the door to the realm where everything is possible, and no rules apply. And in that realm I get to create my songs, my music”.

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Singer Songwriter Ella Eliza releases the new songs The Art Of Letting Go.

Ella Eliza is a musician originally from Germany, now based in North West London. She’s a singer, songwriter, plays multiple instruments, and produces her music. Her first EP called ‘INTROSPECTION’ got noticed by music blogs like Wonderland, Dummy, and Earmilk. Spotify and BBC Music Introducing London also supported her. She recently had a sold-out concert at Notting Hill Arts Club, headlined at The Grace, and opened for artists like Salt Ashes and Nonô in London. BBC Radio 1’s Gemma Bradley also praised her. Ella’s new single

Speaking on the release, Ella states: ‘This first single from my upcoming EP is about a very relatable, widely dealt with topic: living with anxiety. What makes this song different than all the other songs about mental health out there is that it’s written in a fun, quirky and upbeat kind of way – I mention my to do list of things I try to get through in order get rid of anxiety in the chorus before ultimately coming to the conclusion that anxiety is best handled by letting things go instead of adding things onto your plate. Anxiety is normal and instead of fighting it to go away it is much more manageable when accepted and embraced.’

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Latroit releases the dreamy song Dark Horses featuring Charlz.

LATROIT is a Grammy-winning producer, known for platinum-selling hits. His music is frequently featured on top global radio and playlists, as well as in major TV, film, and ad campaigns for companies like Apple, HBO, Amazon, FOX, NFL, MLB, KCRW, and SiriusXM. His latest song, “Dark Horses,” is a dark and cinematic electronic track created with Charlz, an indie-pop singer from Melbourne. They’ve collaborated successfully before, with over 25 million streams on their 2020 cover of “Don’t Give Up” by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. Charlz’s deep vocals and smooth lyrics paint a romantic horseback adventure, dancing beautifully with LATROIT’s polished production. “Dark Horses (LATROIT Edition)” is the first of various versions, including remixes, acoustic versions, and Dolby Atmos mixes, to be released this summer and fall. Additionally, Charlz and Latroit will drop another single called “Heartbreaker” (West LA) in January, followed by a full EP release in early 2024.

Some of his highlights and achievements include winning a Grammy Award for Best Remix, being featured on playlists by KCRW and SiriusXM Chill with over 25 million streams in collaboration with Charlz, and having his work featured in productions by Apple, HBO, FOX, NFL, and MLB.

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Los Angeles-based KAYLS aka Kayla Stewart shines as she releases her new single, “Hatch.” This song is a unique and refreshing blend of electronic and indie rock, making it one of the better songs out there now.

Her first song, “On The Rocks!”, got a lot of love from Apple Music, Ones To Watch, Flaunt, and Wonderland Magazine. After that, she released “Internet,” a touching slow song that landed her this interview with Galore Mag.

In “Hatch,” KAYLS quickly sets the stage and makes her point clear: ““We’ve been in the incubator too long.” The song combines modern pop with a guitar-heavy, glitchy sound that captures the sensation of breaking free and venturing into new territory.

Stewart says, “Something is seemingly safe in an incubator, it’s when that thing enters the world that it can be harmed. Hatch is a song about a love that feels so good in its safe space but it’s nearing that moment when it must meet reality. When things stay protected forever they never grow. It is with trial and tribulation that love and a connection between two can become a real lasting relationship and that’s what this song is about. Kind of like, hey let’s see if we can grow because we’re great together and there’s nothing to be afraid of. The song really brings you into that feeling.”

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Youcallmecarla releases a mental. The song is reminiscent of Billie, Julia Michaels, and Halsey.” It’s a fun song, but also a bit haunting, like Benee’s ‘Supalonely’

youcallmecarla is Carla Freude, a twenty-two-year-old singer/songwriter from the south of Germany. She started writing her own songs at the age of fifteen and hasn’t stopped since. Her most recent release “another lack” captures raw heartbreak with storytelling lyrics that take you on a sad and a little pathetic journey (Carla’s version). So it’s perfect for everyone who likes to romanticize shitty people, gets heartbroken over relationships and dates people who don’t realize how amazing they are. Stop trying to fix people. Stop trying to fix another lack.

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