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World traveler and singer-songwriter River Iris released the uptempo electro pop track So Tempting. She was born in Japan and attended schools in South Carolina and California. While most ask if it was a difficult transition, River responds, “Overall, it sparked an appreciation for change in me that furthered my enchantment with the creative process, a place where I am free to be childlike and playful.” Give it a listen.

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Up and comer Marana Blake released a new single Fun For The Summer. It’s very reminiscent of her debut single California Waves – atmospheric and trancey. Think Lana Day Rey meets Radiohead. Although she may be musically inspired by Del Rey do you really want to know how she feels about her? Find her post on Instagram and read her long tirade about singer. The singer songwriter was born in Chicago before venturing Southwest.

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Lady A is swallowed up in controversy. Do you remember when Lady A dropped Antebellum because it had ties to the period of history before the Civil War? Well, they took the name from a black blues artist Anita White who goes by Lady A.

Some critics called it a hasty decision. Now the Nashville trio is suing the black female black artist.

Anita White aka Lady A. accuses the trio of taking her name and propagating racism. She told Rolling Stone, “At this point, I’m not surprised by anything they would do,”. “When they talked about how talks broke down, they never talked outside of trying to get me to do what they wanted me to do, which is coexist, and that’s something I never wanted. I stand by that. I’ve said it so many times. And in our conversations, I told them, I didn’t think coexistence would work.”

I’m not sure how long the country band (Lady Antebellum) will continue with the lawsuit considering thousands of people took to social media, voicing their opposition to the lawsuit.

As one commentator said, “I’m changing my name to Dave and then suing you for already being named Dave.”

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A word to the wise. Stop looking at TikTok as a platform to grow an audience. As more nations look at the Chinese owned app as a security threat, the future of the app looks bleak. While India has already banned TikTok, the U.S. is in discussions to ban the app. Australia labor party has criticized the app and TikTok just exited the Hong Kong market. Why did China bail from Hong Kong? Because a new law would compel TikTok to share information with its users.

Hence, TikTok is falling like flies.

Now, more and more TikTok influencers are looking at other options. TikTok influencers are planning for a mass exodus or a complete ban. How are they planning? They are actively promoting their other social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. Mind you, if TikTok collapses, Facebook would be the biggest beneficiary as it’s looking to recapture the creative audience that moved over to Instagram.

Video gamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins just deleted his TikTok account over security concerns.

Here is the thing, we looked at social media platform having access to our personal information as a bit of joke. Those days are over. Experts are saying that TikTok gives China the means to pump content directly onto the phones of hundreds of millions of citizens in America and Europe.

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Kings favorite Lee Cole and the heartbreak track I Don’t Wanna Wait popped on South Africa’s on Spotify’s Viral 50. Spending time between NY and South Africa, the singer-songwriter wrote and recorded the track last summer, shot the video in NJ, and released the track in Feb. The song which is climbing to 200k Spotify streams found itself on thousands of personalized playlists while landing on Apple’s Heartbreak Pop Playlist. I think we are going to see a resurgence in melancholic and heartbreak songs. Lewis Capaldi’s mega hit Someone You Loved exceeded a 1 billion streams.

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